Gin Huat Cycle Trading Celebrates More than Three Decades of Bicycle Trading Business with FAMA: Fitness Adventures Around Malaysia

“Malaysians exercise only after diagnosed with health issues,” the Health Minister once commented on the state of health of Malaysians. Working on this discovery, Gin Huat Cycle Trading (GHCT) recently handed product sponsorships worth about RM10,000.00 to social entrepreneur Andrew Pang, founder of Always for People.

Since its business started in 1985, this timely move on its part to promote a greater Malaysia, the joys of cycling took on an unusual route by participating in a social enterprise’s cause. The sponsorship includes a Fuji Touring bike, kitted with a wide range of accessories such as Cat Eye lights, Limar helmet, Topeak bike bags, trailer and the Bike Kamper – a unique bike camping tent set-up. Additionally, there are sufficient spare Maxxis tubes and tyres so that Andrew can ride confidently.

Said Mr. Tan Soo Men, founder of GHCT, “We’re pleased to enable Andrew to realize his ambitions in promoting a fit and healthy Malaysian lifestyle by cycling at the heart of his event. We think that his positive appearance will bring a positive effect in the community throughout his adventure around the country.”

In the early July this year, Andrew, a 54 years old presbyopia, began embarking on a solo cycling tour to visit every city and major towns in Peninsula Malaysia. Staying true to his motto, ‘Fitness with Purpose,’ he plans to use this solo cycling tour to raise funds for the House of Light (HoL), a learning and development centre for the visually impaired, based in Taman Midah, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


I’ve been keeping fit and active for a couple of months now, getting ready for FAMA, calling it Fitness Adventures around Malaysia. The idea is to invite people I’ll be meeting at public parks, lake gardens while they are there, to exercise with me as well to get their support in the form of public donation to raise funds for House of Light


At some point of its humble origins, a business started in Batu Caves, Selangor by his father Tan Soo Men in 1985, GHCT has grown by leaps and bounds handling distributorships of premium brands like Fuji, Wilier, Topeak, Limar, Endura, Maxxis, Jagwire and Cat Eye, to a few of names in the bicycle industry.

Said Mos Tan, 31, one of the directors of GHCT, “When we heard Andrew’s pitch and his passion for cycling and in using his fitness to raise funds for a charitable cause, we thought it was a wonderful idea to use the joys of cycling with a good cause in mind.”

“After discussions internally and conveying these ideas to our principals, we finally agreed it was a right business decision to offer Andrew as much assistance as possible to realize his aspirations with his creative mobility and movement (M&M) events.”

Mos added, “We’ll also use this opportunity to showcase the much celebrated Fuji Touring bike as well as the unique Topeak Bike Kamper tent and trailer, ideal for the purpose of bike touring-camping.”

“With Andrew’s interaction with the general public as he cycles and camps about, we’d like to invite people to have a closer look at these items used and demonstrated by Andrew.”

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