Nothing is more powerful than the idea of living your life to the fullest. Nowadays, most people are used to living their lives in a fast-paced way. It almost seems as if they live, for the sake of sustaining the livings. Especially the office workers, do the same old same old day in and day out, and stuck in various routines that have accumulated throughout the years.

In this era, routines that give people the impression of sustainability in an ever-changing world. Even sparing some time to spend time with family and friends, to some, is almost unmanageable. Let alone relax, or free themselves from the gadget world and head out for some physical exercises. What about doing everything in a time?

We have all been there. Waking up early in the morning to take on the workday, and when you go to the bed at night you feel like you have been totally unproductive. However to Zaid Lim, the owner of JBS Bike Trading in all likelihood feels otherwise.


From one to now five, Zaid currently has a total five outlets of JBS Bike Shops in Kuantan, Pahang as well as Kuala Lumpur respectively. “The businesses have ups and downs, I am trying the best that I can.” The passionate Zaid said humbly.

Cycling as a hobby since he was young, he is without a doubt an experienced bicycle retailer in the industry. Having involved in the bike trade for more than 20 years, he does not only sell bicycle-related products, but also organizes weekly ride to have team bonding sessions. Occasionally, he partakes in century bike ride events.

When it comes to mentoring, the more the merrier. Zaid, recently opened another outlet in Putrajaya as he understands there are demands for bicycles in the area. In Putrajaya, the city itself shows sparse availability of bike shops. Therefore, opening a bike shop would benefit the local residents. “Commonly, the cyclists in Putrajaya would go to the bike shops in Dengkil. Therefore, I decided to ease their hassles by starting up a ‘one-stop bicycle centre’.” Zaid stated.

One-stop indicates the capable of suppling all a customer’s needs, which his customers can find almost every type of bicycles and components in the shop, from kids, toddlers, teenagers to adults. Decorating is more than just eye appeal. The interior determines whether the shop satisfies the function, as Zaid decided to do it basic. “If you pay attention to the overall setting, the high ceilings and fluorescent lamps have amplified details of the shop, especially given a better visibility to the products.” Zaid described.

JBS Bike Trading has a vast selection of brands, which are sold at average prices. The entire concept of the store portrays an amicable feeling for the customers who plan to purchase products for beginners. Most of Zaid’s customers tend to buy mountain bikes due to the versatile functionality, and value for money.

No worries, Zaid sells a number of popular brands which are within the price of RM10,000. Apart from catering products for the standard cyclists, he also provides skilful bike servicing and repairs at affordable prices.

Indeed, Zaid lives his life to the fullest as he often takes the advantage of Putrajaya as an idyllic location to cycle. From time to time, he would take off from his work and hop on his bike for an evening ride. “In Putrajaya, there are dedicated cycle tracks which are safe and do not involve riding on busy roads. Also, every night sees cyclists having their night rides and sometimes passing by my shop.” Zaid voiced.


Unquestionably, practising a healthy lifestyle allows you to live life to the fullest, and it is partially made possible because of Liv. Let’s forget about the monotonous routines! The female cyclists should be grateful to be able to get female specific cycling products in JBS Bike Trading. Zaid has brought in Liv products in his outlet in Putrajaya. Liv is a women specific cycling brand that products road, mountain, commuter and leisure bikes. The brand is the sister company to Giant Bicycles and was launched to fill a need for all women who are interested in the cycling lifestyle.

While more ladies are being introduced to the sport of cycling, whether or not they are doing it leisurely or competitively, cycling has been a never-ending hit. In order to enhance the female cyclists’ cycling performance, look no further than Liv bikes as it has just everything for you.

The products bearing the Liv / Giant brand represent a diverse range of purposes to meet the needs of every woman rider, from beginner to serious cyclists. A simple guiding principle is at the heart these fine Giant products, it is called 3F. This product-design philosophy, which stands for “Fit, Form, Function” allows Giant’s Liv engineers and designers to stay focused on the holistic balance of these three key characteristics that are critical to build bikes that appeal to women, and ladies, you are blessed that every Liv bike is custom built just for you.

Nothing is more critical for comfort, function and overall riding enjoyment than a proper fit. “Liv bikes all have a bespoke women’s specific geometry, such as the ergonomic needs of women riders based on their inseam length, height, weight, strength and sit-bone distance. For instances, they feature women-specific components like narrower handlebars, short-reach brake levers and women’s seats. Every aspect is analysed and optimized for a perfect fit.” Zaid explained clearly.

Additionally, JBS Bike Trading sells Liv’s stylish apparels and accessories such as cycling jerseys, pants, caps, gloves, as well as helmets. Female riders can choose colours and graphics that connect with their preferences.

As the world of cycling evolves, Zaid also seizes the moment to contribute cutting edge products and services to the community. Do not allow your humdrum lifestyle stumble upon you, instead, take a breath to savour every second. Live life to the fullest, or you should call it; Liv – fulfils your cycling life.

Get your bikes ready, Liv it up!

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