Issue 51

Issue 51 of Cycling Malaysia Magazine is now on digital!

Here are the contents below:


TSG NEWS – March to April 2018

Highlights on what was happening with TSG for March and April 2018!



Visiting Bicycle Factories in Taiwan – Part 1

Here is a sneak peak on what to expect in the upcoming TAIPEI CYCLING SHOW 2018



Forca Amskins Racing To Achieve Greater Heights

A quick look into FORCA AMSKINS Racing team



Enlightening Components To Grow The Bike Industry

An update on what is coming up for the bike industry, including some cool stuff!



Heroes on Bromo – A Ride Through Beauty And Serenity

What did the Heroes of Enduro do recently in Indonesia?



The Four Basic Necessities For A Bike Tour

Here are some stuffs you need to know before you are off for your bike tour






Guess why chickpeas are awesome food for cyclist and a recipe for it



Aldrian Yeo – The Brainchild Of GoGetter Triathlon Squad

So, who is Aldrian Yeo and GoGetter Triathlon Squad?