As A Triathlon Coach, He’s Always At His Best


Aldrian Yeo – the co-founder of GoGetter Triathlon Squad, who is also a professional triathlete, triathlon coach, and father to be, shared with us his aspiration, thoughts, and lifestyle through his involvement in triathlons over the years.

He has been racing triathlons for more than a decade and is ultimately making big headway internationally. With goals of competing in the Southeast Asian Games 2019, his infinite level of drive, energy, vigour, and enthusiasm is destined to get him there.

However, all elites come from humble beginnings. They will face challenges, excitement, nervousness, and setbacks. Decisive and zealous Aldrian knows what it takes to be the best, from choosing the right gears, mastering self-discipline, training progressively to setting goals.

It has been a while. How is life going?

Life has been great. This year, I will be focusing on the selection for Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) 2019 which will be held in the Philippines end of this year. The selection has been done in various methods, like selecting athletes from internal, international races and national championships.

What was your best race performance in 2018?

My best race was the Port Dickson International Triathlon 2018, competing in the Olympic Distance. After trying hard for eight years, I finished first, so I was happy about it. The overseas race would be the Asian Games 2018 which was held in Jakarta. I achieved my personal best and ranked 23rd among 34 high-level athletes.

Tell us your daily routine as a triathlon coach.

My coaching schedule usually starts with a biking session in the morning, followed by a swimming lesson in the evening. Swimming is on every Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. On the second day of the week, I normally cycle indoors or run on the treadmill. However, my training varies depending on the races.

What do you think are qualities that make a good triathlon coach?

One of the qualities is the ability to lead the athletes. It’s not all about writing programs, it’s about knowing the characters. Every athlete is different. As a coach, we must be able to advise, lead, and motivate. Currently, there are 75 athletes in GoGetter Triathlon Squad. Therefore, leadership is the key to growth and success.

What kind of equipment do you think is essential for a triathlete (in cycling)?

An indoor bike trainer. It is convenient and time-saving to be riding indoors. A helmet is very important too. I never took helmets seriously until I decided to buy a helmet for myself. It was a low-end helmet and it did not fit my head well. I like my helmet to have more vents so it keeps my head cool, especially during long rides.

There are various brands of bike helmet in the market, which particular brand would you like to suggest?

Not all helmets are made the same. They are made in many sizes that fit different sized riders. The composition is also different. I would suggest working with a company that has a good reputation.

How did you hear about Rudy Project?

I have heard about Rudy Project since the year 2000. Rudy Project eyewear has been really popular.

Why did you choose Strym Helmet? How has it optimized your performance?

The Strym Helmet was given to me before it was launched last year. I used it to race in the Asian Games 2018. Fundamentally, the design must be right. I like the colour bright and striking, so it improves my visibility when riding on the road.

The most compelling reason for choosing Strym Helmet is the ventilation as it is important to lower my head temperature. Ventilation is very critical in hot weather country like Malaysia. The flow of air over the head can carry the heat out of the helmet.

Another great reason for this is the comfort and lightweight. Additionally, it holds on my head just comfortably, properly and snugly, as if I am not wearing anything. The secure buckle enables me to make minor adjustments, so the helmet stays put all the time.

What is the next big race you’re training for?

Apart from training for the selection of SEA Games, my next big race will be the Port Dickson International Triathlon 2019, which will be held on the 14th of April. However, the rest of this year is uncertain as my wife (Serena Yang) is expecting a baby. After her delivery, I will assist her with her training.

What is your ambition as a triathlon coach?

Other than helping the beginners, I will focus on the high-performance athletes. Working with the adults, especially long-distance athletes is different. Next, I will start working with youths either this year or next year, shaping them into very fast athletes, national athletes, in sprint distance.

Strym Helmet is available at Rudy Project Concept Store – Lot G-9A, Jaya Shopping Centre (RRP: RM549)


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