How To Improve Endurance Like A Professional?


“Been wanting to ride like a professional but do not have the endurance?”

Being able to ride as long as your route, cycling with friends, in groups or your imagination requires is a very satisfying feeling. Conversely, feeling dread about passing the one hour or two-hour point will deter you from improving further and ultimately your enjoyment in cycling.

When it comes to building endurance there are no real shortcuts, it takes hours and hours on the bike over a period of time. You will need to progressively increase the load on your cardiovascular system to help make it stronger and last longer.

Thus, to help you achieve this goal, we’ve got some tips to get you there!

1. Interval workouts

Firstly, to increase your stamina without training for long hours on your bike every day is to do interval training. By doing interval training, it changes your pace between intense and easy for recovery, it pushes your body to increase max oxygen which is an important marker for aerobic endurance.

Depending on your fitness level and training, the intensity of the interval can range from 30 seconds to five minutes and the recovery intervals are around the same time.

Once you start to gain more stamina, try increasing the number of repetitions and the intensity.

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2. Continue working on long rides

Yes, interval training is effective, but it should not be done every day, thus it is still important to incorporate in some longer bike rides while adding in intervals training a maximum of 2 days a week.

If you are training for a race, add in longer rides each week to ensure your body is used to being on the bike for a long period of time. However, if you are just maintaining your fitness level, then add in rides that are less than an hour at moderate speed.

How To Improve Endurance Like A Professional?

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3. Incorporate weights

Next, by doing resistance training it is very effective for cyclists to ride far and long. Strengthening the muscles that are used in cycling such as the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, makes them less fatigue, so you can have more endurance on the bike.

How To Improve Endurance Like A Professional?

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4. Proper stretching and recover

Importantly, to all cyclists be it professionals to amateurs taking a proper recovery rest day and stretching are very important to a cyclist’s performance.

Overtraining can lead to inflammation and do damage over time causing injuries and stall your progress of improving your stamina. Thus, avoid doing consecutive hard workouts or intervals all in a week.

How To Improve Endurance Like A Professional?

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As for stretching and mobility work on rest day will help to aid in the recovery process. Stretching improves movement and functionality, which can help improve endurance. For instance, you can do dynamic exercises such as walking knee grabs and walking lunges after a warm-up on the bike. As for after rides, do static stretches instead to cool down the tired muscle.

Overall, doing these movements will prepare the body and prevent it from injuries.

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