Top 4 Best Venues in Malaysia for Cycling


When it comes to cycling in Malaysia, people often think of highways filled with motorbikes, trucks, and cars with limited lanes for bicycles. Moreso, the Malaysian weather, its unforgiving heat and rain in Malaysia that plays an important role for cyclists.

But don’t let that stop you from cycling in Malaysia, we have a list of amazing spots you can cycle. You will be amazed by how beautiful and calming to cycle in Malaysia. Malaysia offers you a city filled with culture, history, food, and scenery.

So here’s a list of places in Malaysia you can cycle around and stop every now and then to cool off with a cup of ‘Teh Tarik’ or Ice Kacang and a plate of Nasi Lemak.

1.Bukit Tunku

Firstly, we have Bukit Tunku, it is also known as the ‘Beverly Hills of Kuala Lumpur’ a quick favorite for many urbanites in Malaysia and weekend cyclists to come together.

Riding to Bukit Tunku is not steep and it is mostly surrounded by a posh neighborhood, with large sprawling estates and green foliage in the backyard.

Top 4 Best Venues in Malaysia for Cycling

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While cycling in the area, it is recommended to do a pit-stop at the neighborhood’s favorite cafe called Kenny Hills Bakers, they are known for their warm baked goods and coffee.

2.Lake Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Taman Tugu

If you’re looking for a nature route within the city, you have got the Lake Gardens, Perdana Botanical Gardens, and Taman Tugu. It’s one of the best places to cycle around in Klang Valley.

It is a scenic route, has plenty of gentle slopes, monkeys, and wonderful gazebos around.

Top 4 Best Venues in Malaysia for Cycling

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You can start your journey from the Muzium Negara MRT exit and there’s an entrance to the park, from there ride towards Tun Abdul Razak memorial and complete a loop, then head out further into Taman Tugu Negara.

3.Hulu Langat

Next, to ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many cyclists have convened and started their weekend rides in Hulu Langat.

A 40-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur will take you to Batu 18 Hulu Langat, where you will see plenty of cyclists over the weekend.

Top 4 Best Venues in Malaysia for Cycling

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It is a perfectly slow and gentle ride to immerse yourself in the Kampung life. For instance, you will be riding past clucking chickens, morning breeze, and mountain air.

While riding in Hulu Langat, there’s a couple of routes which you can choose, that includes riding uphill into Genting Peres or a gentle ride to Seminyih Lake towards Sungai Tekala, a recreational picnic site for a break.


Lastly, cycling in Penang, there will be beaches, Georgetown heritage trail, the southwestern part of Penang known as Balik Pulau and you could even hop onto a ferry and cycle onwards to Langkawi.

Top 4 Best Venues in Malaysia for Cycling

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Penang is the perfect place to cycle in Malaysia as there are countless routes to explore on the island and you will be filled with awesome food, the city’s colonial past, and many more.

In short, Malaysia has plenty of cool places to cycle and it can be an eye-opening experience in different states. You will pass by forgotten towns, fast-moving cities, and even tropical and natural surroundings.



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