Solo Round Mountainous Phuket

Source: Ras Angela

“Bicycle is a Freedom Machine”

Date: 7th Feb 2017
Location: Phuket, Thailand
RIDE: Approx. 66.7KM  //  TIME: 3h29mins  //  ELEVATION: 789M

 Phuket, formerly known as Thalang or Jung Ceylon, is a rain forested, mountainous island located in the Andaman Sea. It has some of Thailand’s most popular beaches and is home to many luxurious seaside resorts.

Interestingly, the given names of “Phuket” might be derived from Malay words such as “bukit” which means hill or “telong” which means cape.

Thirteen years ago, Thailand’s western coast suffered extensive damage when it was strucked by tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. The waves damaged and destroyed several cities in the region including 250 people were reported dead in Phuket. In December 2006, Thailand launched a U.S.-made tsunami-detection buoys around the Indian Ocean as part of a regional warning system. Therefore, all damaged sites are now fully restored.

Although plenty of tourists would rent a motorcycle or hail a tuk-tuk service, I opted to explore the island by renting a roadbike from a local triathlete. The climate was hot and dry. Minimal clothing on Phuket Island is very common especially among foregin tourists.

Source: Ras Angela

A solo ride began from a local residential village in Amphoe Thalang and I rolled along hilly coastal road across famous shorelines such as Surin Beach, undeveloped Laem Sing Beach and a very long Kamala Beach. I stopped for lunch in the most tourist-aspired town next to Patong Beach. It is also famous for shopping and nightlife activities along Bangla Street.

Source: Ras Angela

I continued to enjoy sea breeze along Karon beach and climbed over from Kata Beach towards East Coast. Chalang and Sapam are highly populated by the locals with heavy roads traffic. Street lights are severely scattered towards the North but I managed to find my way back through rubber tree estate in Thalang after a night fall.

This exploration journey has safely concluded with a rented bike across 66.7km in 3hours 29mins and a total elevation of 789 meters, in me bikini and shorts.

Source: Ras Angela


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Ras Angela Wong is a free-spirited novice cyclist who just started in 2016 but has already clocked into long distance cycling including going solo overseas. An event planner and manager, she also secured the title of Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific 2004. This cycling wanderer is also a writer, and an art & culture enthusiast. She’s also an ambassador of Cervelo, Monton and ApiduraMY. Angela’s cycling pursuit is to explore and experience the world’s famous festivals and cultures on two wheels. With a wholehearted mission to inspire women of all ages to travel freely and be empowered.

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