10 Companies You Need To Know Before You Go To Taipei Cycle Show 2020


What will we see in the biking industry in the next years to come?

Let Taipei Cycle Show reveal the answers. The Asia’s largest bicycle exhibition will be off to a flying start next year, with the concept of “Smart x Bicycle x Life’, gathering the industry players from across the world.

As in previous years, Cycling Malaysia flew to Taiwan in October to attend the Taipei Cycle 2020 Pre-Show Media Tour alongside other international media, bringing home some insights on what to expect at the Taipei Cycle Show 2020 to be held in March 2020.

We visited a total of 10 esteemed bicycle and component factories, and these companies will be participating in the most-awaited extravaganza next year.



SRAM was founded on a single product in 1987 and introduced the Grip Shift (or twist shift) shifter to the road bike market in 1988. In 1991 that technology was adapted for mountain bikes, and SRAM quickly grew. 

The company grew organically and through acquisitions to become a high-end cycling component brand, selling under the brands SRAM, Avid, RockShox, Truvativ, Quarq, and Zipp. Their components are manufactured primarily in-house, in factories located in Portugal, Taiwan, China, and the U.S., and distributed and sold as Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment and aftermarket components in markets globally.

SRAM invests a lot of attention on continuous improvement and productivity as well as production efficiency. SRAM does not look into automation of the production flow as many products are more efficient to be manufactured manual than robotic as automation processes are usually more rigid that equates to less flexibility.


Sunny Wheel

From grip, fender, child seat to water cage, Sunny Wheel manufactures everything affordable, durable, and safe.

Established in 1984 by Tony Hsu, Sunny Wheel is the largest fender manufacturer in Taiwan, with more than 160 employees. In 1990, Sunny Wheel ventured into chain-cover business, which brought them to complete OEM orientation company.

Later, Sunny Wheel established ODM “Flinger” brand, and introduced the lighter and stronger fender into the market, which made them the leader and the main fender supplier in Taiwan.



Founded in 1986, Tektro has over 30 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality brake systems in the bicycle industry. Since then, the company is generally regarded as Taiwan’s premier brand name for brake systems.

Tektro brakes are designed for superior levels of performance and durability. The company achieve this through the use of advanced production techniques, accurate processing and meticulous quality control. By using exotic materials such as carbon fibre and titanium, Tektro set a new standard for lightweight and precise control.

Tektro offers mechanically activated hydraulic disc brake. This is where a standard brake cable is pulled to activate the hydraulic pistons down on the calliper. Moreover, Tektro sensor control designed brake levers are sensitive and durable. They help to ensure a transferred steadiness of control and power under braking.

Tektro road callipers feature a cable lock device to allow the quick and easy removal of wheels. Additionally, aero brake options are available to offer low drag and help to increase a rider’s top speed. Also, Tektro are introducing many new low- to mid-end brake systems with attention being placed on aesthetically pleasing designs and weight reduction.



Jagwire delivers shifting and braking systems for all types of riders that perform as good as they look.

It all started with high quality control lines – brakes, shift cables, and housing, and has since grown into other products in addition to an ever expanding OEM business that includes supplying some of the best in the industry – Cube, Trek, Giant, Scott, Merida, Specialized, Cannondale, just to name a few.

Jagwire produces cables for 16 million bicycles every year, including inner cable, housing, hydraulic hose, disc brake rotors and pads, brake pads, and other accessories.


A-PRO Tech

Since 1982, Apro Tech has been making high-quality bicycle frames for the cycling industry. From a humble foundation, they have grown their business by constantly evolving to advance their capability in empirical research, product development and manufacturing.

Apro Tech produces frame, fork, rim, and other bicycle parts. One of the brands is X-FUSION which has obsessively focused on producing the highest performance, highest quality and highest value suspension products for mountain bikes since 1999.

Prominent brands like GT, Ibis, Trek, James, Norco, Ghost, Scott, Canyon, Cannondale, and Specialized rely on X-Fusion to provide the highest levels of performance possible.


Sunrise Bicycle Industrial Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1970, Sunrise Bicycle Industrial Co. Ltd. is based in the Dajia District of Taichung City, the heart of the bicycle industry clusters.

Starting with 22 employees to produce its first frame in 1971, Sunrise now produces 1 million frames a year from factories in three countries.

At the Taiwan headquarters, Sunrise makes 100,000 high-technical frames a year. Another factory in Shenzhen, China, yields 450,000 frames. The third plant in Vietnam produces about 300,000 a year.

Of all the output, e-bikes now account for nearly 80 percent, and the percentage is still growing. Operating in three countries also gives Sunrise an edge to help its clients react to the current trade disputes between China, the United States and the European anti dumping.

Dedicated to producing innovative and high-technical frames since the foundation, Sunrise has evolved to an expert in designing and producing complicated frames for e-bikes and full-suspension mountain bikes.


Fritz Jou Manufacturing

Not only Fritz Jou Manufacturing is an assembler, but also a solutions provider.

This e-bike manufacturer offers a range of custom services including online custom assembly systems, e-bike development systems, customer e-bike software integration, smart infrastructure and production. Since 1983, they have built a global network of assembly and delivery centers in Taiwan, China, and Portugal to provide the most efficient services right where they are needed.

Fritz Jou assembles more of custom models and high-end models, such as GT, Bianchi, Intense, Pinarello, and Cannondale. They also implement RFID or QR tracking system on each product in the factory for easy tracking. In 2019, Fritz Jou has produced at least 180,000 bikes. In the next coming years to come, Fritz Jou is expecting to grow not only the normal bikes, but also more e-bikes.


Huangs Smart Cycling Inc

Source: https://www.infinitelyactive.com.my/
Source: https://www.infinitelyactive.com.my/

Jerry Huang, who retired from Jagwire after 25 years with the cable-housing manufacturer, launched his own line of products such as cable, lube, pad, sealant, tape, and tools under Ciclovation.

Ciclovation, an emergent brand from Huangs Smart Cycling Inc is dedicated to offering a comprehensive, one-stop solution for premium, high performance bicycle products that are competitively priced.

Ciclovation products will be manufactured by a variety of contractors with expertise in the various categories. The company will at focus on the U.S., Taiwan and Chinese markets as the first step in its growth. Ciclovation will gradually move toward the European market in the next couple of years.


Taya Chain Co. Ltd

TAYA Group was established in 1969 in Tainan, Taiwan, and has been the world’s leading chain manufacturer. TAYA Group inherited the bicycle chain and motorcycle chain division from Tsubaki Chain CO – a Japanese enterprise.

The bike chain specialist focuses on the new eco-friendly coating technology. The products are proven to be durable, high-proof and time-durable. For instance, a self-lubricating chain’s lifespan is up to 10,000km, and is recommended for e-bikes.

EL-ONZE-117 is TAVA’s new milestone of chain, featuring 3 components – the outer plate, inner plate, and pin. EL-ONZE-117 is claimed to be 20% lighter than a normal chain, with high durability over 450Kgf Riveting.


Nuvo Enterprise











Nuvo Enterprise was established in 1969 and dedicated to bicycle parts producing and developing.

Every invention, every product and every breakthrough has been powered by generations of employees who are inspired make a difference. No matter in domestic or in international, Nuvo’s products awarded many patents.

Nuvo Enterprise always keep their religion “honesty, profession and responsibility” to maintain the long-term relationship with their customers, with the motivation to improve cycling life.

Nuvo produces rectangular bell, yoyo bell, bottle cage with tire level, and carbon fibre 17 gram bottle cage.


Taipei Cycle Show 2020 will be held from 4th to 7th March.

Taipei Cycle Show 2020 will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 and 2, from 4th to 7th March, bringing together bicycles and spare parts, including electric bicycles, motor systems, smart applications and services. 

International visitors from more than 100 countries will be flying all the way from China, Japan, the USA, Korea, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom and even Australia.


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