Triathlete Lim Chee Yong Shares Home Workouts Without An Indoor Trainer


The Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

A lockdown does not have to be too intimidating. While we are trying to get used to the new normal, this should not be a time to skip exercise routines. This is a time when we need to give utmost importance to our fitness and wellbeing.

Here’s how Lim Chee Yong is handling the MCO:

Lim Chee Yong is a professional triathlete and a part time swim coach.

How has MCO/PKP affected your riding?

I don’t have my bike with me, so I have not been riding.

What kind of indoor training have you been doing during this period?

I have been doing full body HIIT workout. Everyday, I will do at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes of HIIT, to strengthen my muscle and fitness.

I have also been doing slow jogs and the running drills such as butt kick, high knee, and strides. Usually, I will run about 60 meter per loop around the carpark to maintain my running technique.

How has indoor training helped you during this period?

Due to the MCO, I am unable to swim, so I bought a resistance strength cord band to do some dryland cord exercise for swimming to maintain the range of motion for my technique and also my strength.

What are your alternative indoor sporting activities during this period?

I will do some stretching exercises that are provided by my physiotherapy centre which is CHG Rehab and yoga session from YouTube after my HIIT session or slow jog session. It can help to improve our muscle flexibility and prevent muscle soreness and injuries.

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