4 Tips You Need To Know To Start Cycling



If you’re new to cycling, whether it was a 2020 goal or it was because of the pandemic biking became an alternative to staying active, we are happy to say there are so many exciting adventures in store for you!

Cycling is an amazing exercise, as you can do multiple levels based on your fitness and goals. You can go out for a slow, scenic ride or step up the pace for a cardio workout.

Biking may seem as simple as just paddling. But we understand that as a beginner cyclist, it can be overwhelming with the basic rules and few things to keep in mind before heading out on the road.

4 Tips You Need To Know To Start Cycling

Helping you to kick start your cycling journey to be more safe and enjoyable, we have rounded up the best beginner cycling tips for you!

1. Choosing a Bike

We understand that picking the right bike isn’t as simple as it seems, as there’s different frame size to extra features in different bikes.

Therefore, head to your local bike shop for more specific advice on picking the right bike based on your needs.

The common bikes are mountain bikes which are rugged and meant for off-road, but you can ride on pavement too. Road bikes are lightweight and built for speed, so if you’re looking to progress further into your cycling journey, road bikes are suitable for multi-day touring and marathons. There’s also hybrid bikes which are a cross between mountain and road bikes.

When buying a bike, make sure it fits you properly as it’s sold in a variety of sizes, corresponding to your height and inseam length.

4 Tips You Need To Know To Start Cycling

2. Get Geared Up

Next, gear up with a proper bike fit at your local bike shops. We suggest starting your cycling journey with standard flat pedals and athletic shoes and eventually transition to proper road bike shoes and clipless pedals as it may take practice to get the hang of unclipping it.

As for cycling apparel, it has to be snugly so it improves your aerodynamic and doesn’t catch the wind. It includes a jersey, bike shorts, gloves, and a helmet.

3. How To Ride A Bike

Furthermore, a few tips on “how to ride a bike?”

Firstly, pedaling efficiency, when you pull your foot through the bottom of the stroke, imagine scraping mud off the bottom of your shoe. For beginners, it’s best to feather both brakes at the same time to be safe.

When riding on the road, keep your eyes focused 20-30 feet ahead so you can anticipate turns and obstacles, never look down at the front wheel.

Also, getting ready to turn, remember to brake, slow down, and use the technique of leaning will allow you to navigate turns on your bike easily, with only a nominal adjustment on the handlebar, as for tighter turns it will require dramatic adjustments.

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4. Cycling Safety and Etiquettes

Riding on the road can be dangerous, especially in Malaysia as there’s plenty of vehicles on the street. There’s a couple of rules and etiquette to keep in mind, that includes, never ride your bike against traffic, always move with the traffic and stay far left to avoid hazards.

Once you start riding in a group or with friends, ride single file instead of two to ensure cars can pass safely on the road.

As a cyclist, you have the right to co-exist on the road, this means following a set of road rules just like everyone else. Keep in mind to check your bike lights for night rides and use hand signals to alert drivers and fellow cyclists of your intentions of changing lanes or to turn.

We hope you’ll be quick to find cycling a social and supportive sport to stay healthy and active!

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