VELO6, A Modish & Stylish Bicycle Shop


Hong Kong is not only a cosmopolitan city, a foodie heaven, an outdoor destination, but also a bicycling paradise. If you have spent enough time with the frenetic business and retail districts, spectacular skyscrapers in Hong Kong, you may want to sightsee some of its breathtaking landmarks by biking.

If you visited VELO6 a year ago, you would possibly be attracted to the coffee bar and the aroma of coffee once you stepped into the shop. VELO6 was a bicycle-themed cafe started by a group of cycling enthusiasts. William Hui, Brian Fu, Wai Kin Chan, Louis Shih, Mark Han, and Kevin Cheng have turned their hobby into a career with the opening of VELO6.

Velo is derived from the word bicycle in French which projects their ambition to promote cycling culture explicitly by establishing a hub for cyclists right at the bike-friendly location on No.6 of On Wo Lane in a collective venture of 6 partners.

During our visit to VELO6, the shop seemed to have an alteration. There was no 70-year-old Italian brand Elektra espresso machine, hence no smooth, rich scent of roasted beans. Little did we know that VELO6 no longer serves coffee, but the shop was still occupied with customers.

Without the smells of coffee, it is a lifestyle bicycle shop for both cyclists and cycling fans in the neighbourhood of Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong. Cycling is not just a physical activity. It is a culture and lifestyle, revolving around impassioned people in our day-to-day lives.

After a long day of work, VELO6 is a quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Central is well known for its gleaming skyscrapers of corporate, entertainment, and shopping regions. Beneath the gloss of luxury lies a humble, tranquil cafe, amidst the surrounding trees and greenery.

Flashing a glance in the shop, the interior is enhanced with various pieces of bike gears and small accessories including bike bottles, caps, tailored made bike frames, and more. On the wall, we could see motivational quotes by professional riders.

In the store, we were fascinated by their savvy and sophisticated road bikes based on emerging cycling trends. The cycling culture in Hong Kong nowadays has eventually shifted towards road bikes.

Being a shop that truly serves the needs of the community, VELO6 also offers custom bikes, hand-crafted bike frames, bike wheels, catering to customers with their personal preferences and requirements. Additionally, we met many patrons who were visiting from other countries, all equally enthused to have a place to exchange ideas, speak about biking and more.


One of the other interesting products you can find in VELO6 is FREITAG which is widely adored by the visitors. FREITAG is made from recycled materials stretching from backpacks, pouches, messenger, sports bags, tote bags, travel bags, shopper, to accessories.

Since 2009, FREITAG has been paying tribute to the traditional art of bag-making with selective one-offs made from plain-colored vintage truck tarpaulins. In 2014, the bag-makers gave themselves a new raw material to play with: F-ABRIC. Developed in-house from the ground up, the rugged, completely compostable textiles are based on bast fibers that are produced using a minimum of resources within a 2500-kilometer radius of headquarters. F-ABRIC thus more than lives up to the FREITAG philosophy: We think and act in cycles.

VELO6 is a spot for the passionate fans of cycling which aims to provide an environment that inspires them to get the most from this culturally significant movement. If you happen to visit Hong Kong, VELO6 provides bike rental services for both local and foreign visitors to ride across Hong Kong.

Not only can cycling enthusiasts flip through cycling magazines from around the world, but the abundant display of bike accessories and essential bike services also tempt riders like a honey to bees. Store highlights include custom bicycle from the US and Europe such as “Firefly” and “Passoni”, Italian Bike Gear “Slica”, Lifestyle brand from Switzerland “Freitag”.

Whether you visit Hong Kong for business or vacation, one of the cycling fans from VELO6 recommends the 4 famous peaks – Tai Mo Shan, Lantau Peak, Sunset Peak, and Sei Fong Shan in Hong Kong for your riding destination. “Although it is not ideal to ride around the bust city, the 4 peaks offer stunning views and scenic routes for cyclists.”

Address: G/F, No.6 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong


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