One Heart; One Industry


Beneath the tires and what’s inside this new bike shop in town.

Down a brick road in a concrete building, there’s an open door.

The light illuminated from the inside is as welcoming as the faces in there. This place is jam-packed with impeccable expensive bicycles whereas a video of road bicycle racing is continuously played on the flat screen. At the centre, there’s a comfortable couch where we were welcomed by Robert Kau, an entrepreneur-cycling enthusiast and the man behind One Cycling Industry, where he shared this bike shop story.

The bike shop One Cycling Industry stands for a “one-hearted cycling nation”. “Because we aim that in the future the shop will become a common hub for cycling enthusiasts and people alike” Robert explains. They intentionally equipped the bicycle shop with experienced cyclist to revolutionize Malaysia’s cycling industry and provide unparalleled professional assistance to novice and seasoned cyclists. Apart from that, all these efforts boil down to one thing: Difference.

And Robert wants to build it.


It is truly inspiring that Robert Kau has his first occupation as his real profession and the second one as his hobby. This entrepreneur and cycling enthusiast, is presently handling packaged food business. Alongside his bicycle shop, he manufactures biscuits like fortune cookies as well as distributing pet food products.

Four paws and two tires, that’s where it all started. “I am a distributor for pet food, and i have ten dogs, so in order to train their stamina I need a bicycle or else I can’t keep up with their speed”. Robert states while laughing. This led him to frequently visit bicycle shop, and was exposed to all things bicycle, as soon as he started to join group club rides, it piqued his interest and opened his eyes to the world of cycling. His love for cycling could not be concealed. It’s there, within him.

One thing led to another. Cycling helped Robert stay in shape, at the same time building friendships through common interest. Through his love for cycling, he gained more knowledge after knowing that different frame deliver different riding experiences. He wanted to introduce the cycling sport to more people and do more for the community. This is how the dream of his own bicycle shop came into picture.

It kick-started with the idea of selling Storck bicycles in Malaysia. Through a friend’s suggestion that this German brand is a true potential bike. Robert’s own curiosity brought him to Germany to explore what Storck has to offer. Without having the slightest knowledge that this would lead him to something great today. 5 years ago he purchased bicycles and 5 years later he purchased bicycle brands rights in Malaysia.

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