The Essence of Passion from Kulai

The morning light shone bright at the vibrant streets. The crowds moved like enchanting shoals of fish. There was chatter between sellers and buyers, old friends catching up, new friends made. Rows and rows of shop-lots were seen spreading positive force. It was lively for sure, but the bustle and hustle brought a life to this humble town visitors like us would be amazed. Our day was made.

We parked our car, glancing at Mei Deck Bicycles Trading from briefly three meters afar, the shop was already full of customers. Each person in the shop acted as if the place belonged to them. However, they responded in enthusiastic manners, each of them with a task to be completed. “I have taught them the basic skills of serving a bicycle.” Woon Kok San, better known as Woon spoke without us initiating the conversation. We engaged them in more chats just to wake up the part of themselves that is capable of getting their bicycle repair services done.

You must be wondering, “Why are these customers serving their own bikes in someone’s bicycle shop?” Woon, an experienced cyclist cum bike shop owner enlightened us about his cycling world.



Mei Deck was derived from a Chinese word, měi dé, which means virtue. By definition, it is the moral excellence of a person. It is universal and recognized by all cultures as basic qualities necessary for our well-being and happiness. Just like business, Woon’s parents established the first Mei Deck Bicycles Trading back in 1990 in Perling, Johor and believed that practicing virtue shapes a better outcome not only in business, but also in person.

After 10 years, Woon started another branch of Mei Deck Bicycles Trading in 2000 in Kulai. The shop has quickly developed a reputation of providing quality service, fair prices and a passion for helping people of all ages realize their passion for cycling.

Owner: Woon Kok San

Not your average bike shop owner, Woon grew up in a bicycle trade and shared his parents’ professionalism in bikes. Today, Woon’s 70-year-old mother is still helping out and sometimes, servicing bikes in the shop.

In Kulai, Mei Deck is the one and only bike shop that sells a large range of high-end bicycles, accessories and components. “Having been cycling for more than 20 years, I definitely can understand what the cycling community wants.” Therefore, Woon made a decision to sell high-end products.

“How about TRS products?” We asked. Woon gratefully told us that bicycles from TRS are always selling fast due to their affordable price and satisfactory quality. “The RM1,000 to RM2,000 ones are always the top-selling bikes, be it mountain or road bike.” Woon further emphasized.

Speaking of popularity, although Mei Deck is frequently jam-packed with customers, Woon has never planned to employ people in reducing his workload. “Currently, my wife and sons are helping me out in the shop. Despite the short-handedness, I am willing to do it on my own.” Hence, seeing customers serving their own bikes in Mei Deck was a surprise. Woon explained to us that he teaches his customers some mechanical skills, just so they are able to easily solve the minor issues. Which, then leads to the reason why Woon refuses to cater full service.

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