Throwback: Asti Cycle Works

Asti is a city and commune of about 75,000 inhabitants located in the piedmont region of north western Italy, about 55 kilometres east of Turin in the plain of the Tanaro River. Basically, for others, it’s just a commonplace in Italy but for Jeffrey Khaw owner of Asti Cycle Works, it is far more than that. Because for him it’s a motivation and a constant reminder on how he took the road many had not taken—customizing!

Everyone who achieved success has given up something along the process. As what they always say in order to gain something you must be willing to lose another thing. And that’s what Jeffrey did, in pursuit of his long-time dream he needed to give up his 15 years’ worth of working experience in the automotive industry for something that may seem uncertain for some, but for Jeffrey this is the risk he’s willing to take any day. “I need to leave the automotive department that I worked on for fifteen years, to materialize this dream of mine–building this bicycle shop” he said smiling. It’s a gamble, really, but sometimes it’s not about winning or losing, it’s how you’re brave enough to play.

HE CHOSE TO PLAY. Situated at Bukit Jalil, upon entering their shop there were only three words to describe it; Vintage. Classic. Customizing. The shop owner is undeniably a fan of retro touch designs that’s why some of the bicycles he built had style trends dating back in the early days. Nowadays, it’s rare to find vintage stuff or if you find one, it’s way more expensive. Because the older the stuff, the higher the value. That’s why he came up with an alternative solution to those who’s a bit short of budget to afford these classics. Through contemporary bicycles—it’s the hybrid of modern and classic design. 



Jeffrey Khaw

The passion and interest towards cycling started when Jeffrey was 6 and met a group of friends in their neighbourhood, including Edward, a childhood friend and now his bicycle specialist who shares the same passion and vision with him. The two were the people who assemble and transform bicycles to make sure that all bits and pieces falls into the right places. This was what serves as Jeffrey’s strong foundation and fueled him to start this business. “I have to give up something, so I can focus on what I really wanted to do” He added further. But it wasn’t easy, it never was. When Jeffrey was starting this business he encountered some difficulties in meeting his timeline on renovations while stuff were coming in. Given that he doesn’t have background in business management, the only thing he had in himself was the unwavering passion and strong willpower in making this business into a success.

As a cyclist himself he knows the struggle of having a bicycle that doesn’t suit you and your lifestyle, like you need to always adjust yourself for the bicycle. Why not turn it the other way around and make the bicycle adjust to your lifestyle and size instead. And that’s how modifying bicycle came along. The well-designed shop has four steps in the Artistry of Cycling or in layman’s term Customizing: 1. Measure Your Body; 2. Choose Your Frame; 3. Choose your Color; and 4. Build Your Frame. From saddle, seat post, bike frame, down to handlebar and pedals. Everything must be precisely fit to its user, considering that no two are alike. This passionate man rest assured that every bicycle restored, refurbished and modified has its own style. Designed for comfort and built only for you.


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