Throwback: VELOSI


Velosi Malaysia was founded more than 30 years ago. It was intended to provide quality control services to oil and gas companies. Today, Velosi Malaysia has grown by leaps and bounds and is able to offer a full range of services to the oil and gas industry.

As the founder of VELOSI, Dr. Nabil Abdul Jalil maintains his high energy by keeping himself constantly active mentally and physically through various means such as reading, badminton and running.



Dr Nabil first tried cycling in the late 90s with a Peugeot mountain bike. Needless to say, he was very quickly hooked unto the sport and joined the Peugeot Cycling Club. Peugeot Cycling Club eventually ceased to exist and Pedalholics Cycling Club was formed to fill the existing void. It was about then that Dr Nabil’s love for mountain bikes eventually shifted towards road cycling. Now, Dr Nabil is very much involved in road cycling as well as touring.

He has travelled and toured in many parts of the world on his bicycle including Seoul, Busan, Taiwan, Melbourne, Paris, London, Texas and Thailand to name a few. Among the many places that he went, his favourite route would be from Melbourne to Adelaide. “Cycling through the Great Ocean Road was simply breathtaking, a close second would be from Seoul to Busan where they had a purpose built lane through mountains and rivers just for cycling”.

He is often seen cycling in a group as he enjoys the camaraderie of the group. “It is the after ride teh tarik”, added Dr Nabil.

“In 2006 when my company was floated on the London Stock Exchange, I found myself flying around the world more often than cycling. The company grew very quickly and my time was mostly taken up with work, I made it a point to cycle whenever I am in Malaysia”.



Dr Nabil has a collection of 10 bicycles. Each of the bicycles has sentimental memories attached to them. The most cherished memories were made with his tandem bike. “In 2004, I teamed up with a visually impaired athlete to participate in the Paralympiad XII. I would pick him up from his house everyday and we would cycle up to 80-100km and we became really fit. We won the race and were selected to represent Malaysia in the Paralympics in Athens that year. However due to a technicality, we were disqualified as the registration for the team was late.

When asked about the cycling trend, “I am pleased to see people picking up cycling and cycling clubs mushrooming all over the place. This is not just the case of Malaysia; it is a global phenomenon. You don’t really need to be fit to get on a bicycle. With cycling, how fast or slow you want to go is up to you.” Dr Nabil also mentioned that if someone wanted to return to cycling after a very long time, it won’t be difficult, “You’re just going to ache a little, but you can still cycle the next day.”



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