1st Timers: Cleaning the Drivetrain

Count your elevations. You have been riding so hard. The flexibility of your bike chain is diminishing. Whether or not you are a professional or amateur cyclist, scrutinizing your bike is habitually necessary. Stand to the side of your bike, lift the rear wheel off the ground and check on your bike. Manually rotate the pedal, inspect individual chain links for dirt build-up, rust or tight links that do not pass through the rear derailleur. Next, check for adequate lubrication while riding. Did you hear the creaks coming from your chain? It is time for a drivetrain maintenance!

A regular drivetrain maintenance is important, particularly if you often spend time riding on wet, muddy terrains, as well as long distances. Keeping your bike drivetrain properly cleaned and lubricated is essential for good performance. Lubrication protects components from excessive wear caused by friction, and helps prevent rust and corrosion.

A contaminated drivetrain increases wear on derailleur assemblies and drivetrain cogs leading to impaired gear shifting, resulting in lessened flexibility of chain links and an unpleasant bike ride. Having a clean and well maintained drivetrain keeps your bike in a decent working order.

Riders, jot down a reminder for your drivetrain. Ensure your bike’s longevity and maintenance.

Stay with us. This guide will provide you with the knowledge of cleaning a drivetrain so that you can complete the task correctly, most of all, prolong your bike’s life.

However, if any of your bike components has been worn out, rather than cleaning, a replacement is the best solution.

In This Maintenance, You Will Need:

  • Bike Stand
  • Multi Bike Degreaser
  • Speed Bike Degreaser
  • Bike Lubricant
  • Old Rag
  • Bristle Brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Allen Wrench Sets
  • Socket Sets

Place your bike on a service track / bike stand.

With an Allen key, turn the key anti-clock wise to loosen the lock-ring on the cassette. Then, slide the cassette off the hub from the rear wheel.

Loosen the bolt on the non-drive crank arm by using an Allen key, then remove the crank.

Pour an adequate amount of Multi Bike Degreaser into a pail of water.

Use a bristle to brush and scrub the crankset with degreaser to remove any remaining dirt.

Similarly, use a bristle to brush degreaser onto the cassette to remove any dirty or oily residue, and leave it to drip from the sprockets.

Spray a small amount of degreaser onto the pullet, and wipe off any build-up sludge with a dry rag.

Spray the chain, chainring and derailleur with Speed Bike Degreaser, meanwhile rotate the pedal in an anti-clock wise direction.

After the application of degreaser, wipe the chain thoroughly with a dry rag, till the greasy mess is wiped off.

Ensure your chain is clean and apply a drop of lubricant to each roller. Once all rollers are coated, rotate the chain backwards to allow the lube to penetrate the chain. Lastly, use a dry rag to wipe any excess lube from the chain as over-lubricating can encounter new dirt.


Meet the Mechanic
Ong Cheng Hui

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