Hand signals for group cycling


When a cyclist is cycling on the road surface, it’s important to make sure that he or she is safe.

It’s always fun to be cycling in a group but it also poses a safety risk and endanger lives of a cyclist if no basic knowledge acquired on the importance of ‘hand signals’.

Knowing the basic signals to use and when to use them can keep you and those around you safe.

There are many hand signals out there but Cycling Malaysia would like to brief you on those basic ones for your perusal.

Try to pick up these basic cycling hand signals to keep you and those cyclists around you safe on the road.


When you are going to stop halfway, a closed fist behind the back is enough. When you cycle in a group, you can try to raise your hand above your head to let those from behind to know that you’re going to stop.


When you’re riding with a group of cyclists, the best is always alert those behind your wheel when your speed starts to slow down. It’s important to let cyclists from behind to be alert before slowing down.

This is to prevent others from crashing their wheel into your bicycle when following closely from behind.

Try to extend your arm with palm down and move your hand up and down.


Whether you’re making a left or right turn, you need to indicate to others that you’re going to make a turn. Even when you’re driving, you need to flash your signal lights to left or right.

Same it goes for cycling, extend your left or right arm away from your body to shoulder height, indicating that you’re going to turn.


Road surface is not flat as usual as there will always be a pothole that can cause obstacles and accidents.

Hence, when you’re cycling and noticing a pothole in front of you, try to point out by extending your arm towards it.

Others from behind will surely get alerted and it will prevent unforeseen circumstances.


Waving to others while cycling helps to acknowledge others that you’re giving way to them or otherwise. It is one of the ways to show that you’re considerate by making a move for others.


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