Weight training for cyclist


Cycling isn’t the only activity of riding a bicycle leisurely but it also requires strong legs and quads to carry out the ‘fat-burning activity’.

To have a strong lower body, which is particularly important for a cyclist, weight training session is a must especially during alternate days.

Many cyclists would have thought why weight training must be incorporated into cycling routine since the sport mainly requires a good stamina.

The reason is simple :

The resistance training helps to train a more powerful structure of the lower body and provides strength and energy when cycling.

When cyclists step on the bicycles’ pedal and cycle in the hilly terrain, the thigh and

Therefore, don’t look lightly on any of the weight training as it is essential for cyclists. It works on the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and lower back for powerful pedaling in and out of the saddle.

Try not to miss weight training but keep lifting weights for a solid and better physique.

Lunges,squats, burpees and calf raises exercises are all important to improve self-performance to another level.

That is why, it is good to lift weight in two or three days each week and aim for strength gains. To retain the strength of riding, try to push each session to the maximum effort when lifting.

Don’t skip all these exercises but strive to make it a daily routine.


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