Combination of cycling routine, strength & stretching workout pivotal for a beginner


In order to be fit and mentally prepared for cycling, a cyclist needs to have a proper training routine no matter whether he or she is a beginner, intermediate, or even preparing him or herself for a competitive platform.

Before a fitness enthusiast starts to venture into cycling, a training regime is an important aspect to be looked into.

For a beginner, a plan for those relatively new to the sport is to look at the importance of building fitness and improve the health system.

Forget about those fancy workouts but most importantly strive to build up a base or a platform for a proper training routine.

Therefore, beginners specifically need a plan for themselves to lift them to another height in cycling.

Hence, a first-five-week session will get you started with some of the low-intensity workouts before building into the second half of the programme and some higher intensity sessions.

In total, one needs to commit an average of up to eight hours of exercise off the bike per week to work on different muscle groups and prevent injuries from arising.

It is important to work on legs’ workouts to maintain a strong quad and calf. That’s why, don’t overlook strength training!

Try your very best to include strength training particularly on lower body workouts and stretch yourself to the max.

Fitness enthusiasts mostly have a misconception that they merely focusing on cycling training alone without performing strength training and stretching.

The mixture of these three workouts is one of the ways to improve cycling.

Try it out.


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