Knowledge on Echelon for cyclists


For cyclists, echelon is a commonly used term for them as it is a line of riders seeking maximum drafting in a crosswind at a diagonal line across the road.

But for the men-on-the-street or those unfamiliar with cycling, they would try to find out the answer of basically what it is about.

In this post, Cycling Malaysia would strive to explain to our followers on the need to ride in an echelon formation as it is an essential skill in cycling.

First of all, an echelon operates like a traditional paceline with riders swapping pulls at the front then filtering back of those ahead.

Being able to manage the crosswind will save energy and strength as it is one of the advantages in a race.

Apart from that, the non-competitive cycling also proves to apply the echelon formation as it moves quickly without having to struggle in the wind direction.

Riders must pay attention to the one in front that they are following. The aim is to remain in the draft as per their best.

When riding in a proper echelon manner, every cyclist would have the chance to enjoy themselves in a group cycling.

To ensure that you are able to master the skill, try to ride with more other professional riders and learn to master the echelon.

When you are familiar with it, you can ride smoothly and have a pleasant group cycling.


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