Real Rugged “Romance”

Significantly influenced by Nick Goh’s upbringing, he always looked forward to hop on to his father’s cars. Nick’s father is a car parts supplier, offering spare parts, accessories and providing automobile repair services at an automobile repair shop. Powered by an internal combustion engine, that “vroom vroom” sound often triggered his sense of excitement. In his childhood, he has already developed an interest in motor vehicles.

When he grew slightly bigger, at about 7 years old, his life was frequently filled with great times riding on his bicycle. Cycling was his recreation that he loved the freedom and the healthy lifestyle cycling brought to him. It was a joy to get on the bike pedaling around his housing area with his neighbors. Having cycled as his pastime until he went to high school, at the age of 16, Nick was determined to learn additional skills and train for races.

However, there was another reason of why Nick continuously sought for more as he has also found a passion for cars. Pertinently, this 20-year-old is the manager at Syarikat Pulau Menang Enterprise Sdn Bhd, helping out his father at shop. In the meantime, he never forgets to spare some free time going off-road on his mountain bike.



Nick’s lifestyle has never ran away from mechanism. Despite having only merely three year of cycling experience, he has always obtained guidance and references from other cyclists. His previous bike frame was a XDS Romance 500, a frame tubing X6 ultralight aluminum frame. Romance 500 had been a company taking part in a number of cycling races with Nick which brought him to results placing in top 15.

In 2014, Nick grasped that he had to expand his ability. After doing some research, he made a decision – going faster and lighter. Therefore, he bought a new bike frame from the same brand but a XDS Romance 800, using X7 cobra aluminum technology, for RM3,000. Next, Nick endeavored an upgrade for his project bike.

Searching for desired components through all sorts of places was a stumbling block. During the period, he surveyed on the internet for latest products, hunted for advices from different people and visited his regular bike shop for upgrade service. “I am a mountain biker, thus, I will fulfill what a mountain biker needs.” Nick could comprehend what he actually required.

New bike, new challenge. One of the things Nick has found most motivating throughout his MTB journey is the process of setting and completing new challenges on different off-road terrains.

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