Gearing Up! – Aug/Sept 2017

Bottle TEC 750ML Team – RM39.90

Whether you’re training or racing, if you’re not keeping properly hydrated you’ll be compromising your performance, limiting training gains and prolonging the recovery process. Carry a water bottle during your ride is extremely vital as dehydration will reduce your performance. Tec’s 750ml bottle is an easy to squeeze BPA free polythene bottle with soft pop, comes with a no leak valve and measurement on the side. It also has a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling, dishwasher safe and 100% biodegradable. After you return home from an off-road ride, you do not have to worry about cleaning the mud off your bottle!

Available at Asti Cycle Works, 603-8999 2032 / 6016-355 0512

Red Bull Sugarfree – RM5.30

Wings without sugar. The new Red Bull Sugarfree is a carbonated beverage that provides the wings of a Red Bull Energy Drink without sugar and only 5 calories per 20-Fluid ounce can. The taste initially is more-or-less identical to the original— very muted and evenly balanced between sweet and sour—but when the bitterness hits, it seems compounded by the sharp aftertastes of the sweeteners. A chilled can of Red Bull Sugarfree can kick and energize your ride without worrying the amount of sugar intake.

Available at convenient stores, supermarkets and petrol stations


TEC Saddle Bag 1,3L – RM59.00

The bicycle seat bag is that small package of assurance that you keep tucked under your saddle. The three rear pockets in your jersey and maybe a small saddle bag give you plenty of room to carry everything you need to fix punctures, sort out minor mechanicals, fuel your ride in an event or any occasions, making sure your emergency issues get fixed as soon as possible. Other than that, you can securely keep your mobile phone, cards, cash, keys and just everything you need to bring. With Tec/s Saddle Bag in size X-Large with T-bar, it serves you the essentials you will need during you journey.

Available at Asti Cycle Works, 603-8999 2032 / 6016-355 0512


TEC Exigo EV1 MIPS – RM269.00

Exigo EV1 is an in-mould helmet with cam lock strap buckle.
It comes with MIPS, which is a protection against rotational violence. With MIPS, it has a patent on using a concept called the slip plane in a helmet. It helps you avoid brain injury in a crash. Also, it has no visor, however is designed with 24 ventilation holes. Last but not least, weighed at only 280 g, it constructs twist head system for cyclists’ easy size
adjustment. This helmet comes in three colours for you to choose from, black, red and white.

Available at Asti Cycle Works, 603-8999 2032 / 6016-355 0512


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