Gearing Up! – Feb/March 2015


Casco Sportiv TC – RM428.00

The Sportiv TC is an all season helmet from German firm Casco. Featuring a fully ventilated design in a fully molded monocouque shell, the polyamid skeleton on the inside provides greater safety and reduces the chances of the helmet breaking apart on impact. The Sportive is adjustable for horizontal and vertical fit, and the Casco-Loc strap means the strap will only unlock in one direction, preventing accidental opening. Available in a variety of colours.

Available at Shriro (Malaysia), 603-7874 9842

Praxis – Works 73mm MTB Conversion BB – RM281.00

The multitude of BB standards sometimes means that changing your frame requires buying a new crank and BB. Praxis solves that problem by offering a conversion BB that allows switching between the BB30/PF30 standard to SRAM/GXP ISIS 2 with no issues, allowing you to retain your previous crankset, or install a new one. An expanding metal collet secures the steel bearings securely in your BB, eliminating unwanted noise.

Available at Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, 603-6038 3703

720 Armour Clipper sports performance eyewear (T996-3) – RM375.00

Sports performance eyewear designed for cycling and triathlons, the 720 Armour Clipper has a distortion free single lens design. The viewing angle is a wide 270 degrees, with exceptional clarity at the periphery. Adjustable nose pads and 720 Armour’s Ergo grip on the earpieces ensure all day long comfort and minimal hassle for athletes.

Available at D Avenue Marketing, 6012-399 3123

Shimano WH-9000-C24-CL Wheelset – RM2799.00

Shimano’s top of the range carbon wheelset is now caters for 11 speeds. The super light carbon composite is mated to an aluminium braking surface. Boasting superior aerodynamics and stiffness, the front wheel has 16 and the rear 20 steel spokes. The 11 speed rear hub features a titanium body that boosts rigidity while reducing weight. A supplied spacer ensures 10 speed compatibility. Weight is a claimed 1.45 kg.

Available at Rodalink, 603-6201 0422

Hausmarke Airborne Mini Floor Pump – RM109.00

This lightweight aluminium pump from Hausmarke can be used as a hand or floor pump. Fitting both Presta and Schrader valves, the Airborne goes up to 160 psi, making it suitable for any sort of tyre/tube type. An external hose attachment makes pumping easy, and the entire pump weighs 180 grams with a 290 mm barrel length, suitable for slipping into a jersey pocket.

Available at Bike Corner Cycle Trading, 6012-370 4435

Zéfal Bike Bio-Degreaser & Bike Wash – RM79.00

Cycling accessory manufacturer Zéfal’s Bio-degreaser and Bike Wash are 2 products in their line for bike care cleaning needs. The Bio-Degreaser removes mud, grease and dirt from the drivetrain, rinses easily and leaves no residue. The Bike Wash is for use on all areas of the bike, and is safe to use on rubbers and plastics. Both products come in handy 500 ml spray bottles.

Available at Bike Corner Cycle Trading, 6012-370 4435

Performer Glory Frame & Fork – RM8,300.00

Looking for a steel frame with old school design for your retro build that accepts modern components? Performer’s Classic is a chrome finished frame in Columbus XCr tubing with an Easton EC90 Superlight carbon fork. Brazed and lugged in the traditional manner, this frame scores high on looks. The shiny chrome will make this frame stand out on your Sunday morning ride.

Available at TS Cycle, 603-9101 8051

Minoura Tablet Grip TPH-1 – RM129.00

For indoor training and maintenance work, the Minoura Tablet grip is a handy way of mounting a tablet to your trainer bike’s handlebar if you’re using tablet enabled apps for your training, or simply for reading or entertainment while you clock up your trainer mileage. If you’re working on your bike and using a tablet to access manuals or notes, the Tablet Grip is easily mounted to your work stand for easy reference while working. For indoor use only.

Available at Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, 603-6038 3703

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