Sunsuria City – The Next Go To Place for Cyclists and Runners


There is always a strong regard for the integration of a balanced lifestyle and enriching habitation. The evolution of the perception of a living space has revealed a dynamic play between the trifecta – Live, Play, and Work. In addition to these three fundamental elements of a new urban living, Sunsuria City is the new hit into the mixed-use estate for every individual.


Living up to its reputation, Sunsuria City is designed as an international lifestyle destination which spans 525 acres and contains all the necessities of daily life. Located at Putrajaya South, Salak Tinggi, it is an upcoming integrated township that speaks the future of modern, sustainable living with their three guiding principles – Smart,  Livable, Sustainable.

Giving a name as an intelligent city, Sunsuria City implements intelligent infrastructure such as integrated super-speed broadband, smart security, and other ICT-ready living solutions as well as livable and sustainable environments.

Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUM)


Nowadays, many people are being drawn to activities and jobs in urban centres that provide well-rounded amenities. Sunsuria City seamlessly boasts a variety of features from dining, living, playing, shopping, to working into its all-in sprawl.

Featuring an array of apartments, commercial shop lots, hotels, retail malls, and landed residential homes, Sunsuria City perfects the tenant mix to address the top-notch way of life. On top of its highly well-planned facilities, the township is also well connected by the ELITE Highway, MEX Highway, Putrajaya–Cyberjaya Expressway, and North-South Expressway (NSE).

Built around the core of Xiamen University Malaysia, and containing its own integrated connection to the Express Rail Link (ERL), it sits adjacent to Horizon Village Outlets and only a short distance from KLIA, adding an extra dimension of convenience to an already impressive township.

Night view of Sunsuria City Celebration Centre

What’s more is that the Sunsuria City Celebration Centre is an interactive space to benefit the residents, students, and visitors.

With the growing cycling community and snowballing number of people who are active in sports, the centre can be served as a meet-up point or pit-stop of the bike rides. The centre also has a festivities arena, bicycle rental facilities, its own cafes, playground, sensory garden, and the Le Park route that connects to the Salak Tinggi ERL station.

Taking a stroll or a walk at Le Park can be enjoyed here in Sunsuria City.


When you are in Sunsuria City, you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle with time for both work and leisure. There is a strong emphasis on the pursuit of happiness and healthiness and a respect for the community.

The development is a cyclist and runner friendly environment featuring long and wide pathways for pedestrians, a 500-meter walk park for the family to spend their morning, evening strolls and bonding time.

With the continued growth of cycling and running arena and public’s awareness of health and fitness, Sunsuria City creates a flawless “Live, Play, Work” landmark in the region allowing more people to utilize and indulge in not only the educational and commercial components, but also lush and rejuvenating recreational parks.

Le Park is a pedestrian and bicycle friendly park within Sunsuria City Celebration Centre that connects the public to the Salak Tinggi ERL Station.


More often than not, the number of people enjoying a very high level of satisfaction with life have escalated. The environmentally-minded and health-conscious, practising a balanced lifestyle, is allowed to ride their bikes or run at a breezy, open space surrounded by greenery and intimate atmosphere.

For you who enjoy cycling and running at night, worry no more! The well-paved tracks and sufficient streetlights allow you to do your routines as well. Sunsuria City has it all here in its Le Park to make your day and night workouts happen!



Hard work only pays off when it meets the right plan of action. Giving it your all, it is time to push yourself to the limit. The Sepang Duathlon 2018 is the only duathlon race to be held here in Sunsuria City. 

Having a bad day out of nowhere? Head to Sunsuria City for your regular training! You are always welcome to get to know the course and acclimatize to the anticipated routes here, before the official race day.

You can du it! 

Here is the link to register if you are keen:


Whether personal or professional, leisure or recreation, whatever you need you will find here; Sunsuria City truly is a township of tomorrow, built to bring you the very best of today. It is more than a destination, it is an experience to be savoured.


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