8 Things EVERY Cyclist Should Own


“Are you new to cycling?” Or “are you thinking about taking up cycling?” Well, there are a few essential biking gears that every new cyclist should own or consider getting to help you enjoy your cycling journey. Whether you’re a road cyclist or a mountain biker, there’s something here for you!


Let’s start with the essentials, that is getting a bike. Now, it is a good time to buy bikes as there’s a huge range of price, quality, and choices of bikes across the board for any level of cyclists. Having a bike that fits your body will make riding much easier and more efficient. Thus, head to your local bike shop for advice and test out which bike suits you most!

8 Things EVERY Cyclist Should Own

2.Cycling Helmet

Wearing a proper cycling helmet is essential too, as it might save your life during your rides. We recommend cyclists to get quality helmets, as it’s not hard to find one that’s comfortable, light, and affordable in the market today.

Next, what to wear when you’re cycling. There’s a huge range of cycling clothing out there, from easily affordable to insanely expensive. Let’s help you with it.

3.Padded Cycling Shorts

To start, getting a decent pair of padded cycling shorts will help you tackle long-distance rides. They can be worn on their own, or concealed under baggy shorts if you prefer, it’s thin padding that provides a bit of cushioning against the saddle.

8 Things EVERY Cyclist Should Own

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4.Cycling Jerseys

As for cycling jerseys, we recommend cyclists to get cycling-specific jerseys as it has the function of keeping you cool and dry in the heat. It normally comes with three rear packers to carry food and other supplies for longer rides.

5.Cycling Water Bottle

Cycling requires a high amount of hydration, especially riding under the hot sun. Hence, installing a bottle cage is recommended to fit your cycling water bottle. Cyclists can also opt for a hydration pack.

8 Things EVERY Cyclist Should Own

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6.Cycling Sunglasses

Having a pair of cycling sunglasses will help protect your eyes from bugs, stones, sun, and rain. Some sunglasses versions feature interchangeable lenses, so you can get one lens for brighter conditions and one for rainy days.

Now, let’s move on to keeping your bike well maintained. You don’t need a room full of tools to achieve it, here are some essential care kits for your bike repair and maintenance.

7.Spare Inner Tube and Pump

There are two things any cyclist shouldn’t leave home without, that is a spare inner tube and pump. We recommend cyclists be prepared in case of a puncture, so it’s worth considering. At any local bike shop, they will be able to help you choose the right size spare inner tube. You can carry both in a jersey pocket or backpack.

8 Things EVERY Cyclist Should Own

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8.Chain oil or Lubes

Lastly, if you are cycling regularly, you’ll want to keep your bike chain well oiled so the gears work smoothly and quietly. Chain oil or lubes is available from any local bike shop, invest in a small bottle as it lasts a long time and it’s inexpensive. However, if your chain is wearing out, measure it with a chain wear indicator, and replace it if necessary.

Start with these essentials, and you are good to go!

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