Best Sports Drink for Cyclists


As a cyclist, you have definitely gone through a time of questioning yourself “why do my legs feel heavy during my ride?” Or “why is my muscle still sore from yesterday’s cycling session?” Or in general you have been struggling with unexplained fatigue where your legs feel wobbly, your breathing is nonrhythmic, and mentally tired which causes you a whole bad cycling experience.

Well it is probably due to muscle damages and torn, especially during and after tougher cycling sessions. It can make a cyclist’s legs feel extra stiff, heavy and sore. The concern of lack of proper nutrients to fuel up a cyclist’s body pre-ride, during-ride, and post-ride, depending on the distance of the ride or race.  Cyclists need to opt for the ideal food and allow the food time to fully digest. Ideally, it takes up 2-4 hours after a large meal and 1-2 hours for a snack.

“What if there’s something that could provide you with a quick and easy fuel to ensure better performance during your ride?”

Well, you came to the right place, Cycling Malaysia Magazine would love to share with you about ‘aminoVITAL® – Apple Jelly Flavoured Drink with Amino Acids’! Recently, Ajinomoto Malaysia have launched their first-ever sports drink, called ‘aminoVITAL® – Apple Jelly Flavoured Drink with Amino Acids’ in the market.

What is aminoVITAL®?

aminoVITAL® is the number 1 Amino Acids brand in Japan when it comes to sports. The product contains 3,000 mg of amino acids, mainly branched chain amino acids also known as BCAAs which regular sports drinks do not have.

In each aminoVITAL pack, it provides energy at 112 Kcal per pouch and a unique packaging size of 100g per pouch, it is light-weight and convenient to travel around. As for a cyclist, you would normally stash food in your bike jersey pocket, it makes it ideal for cyclists who ride long distances. Also, consumers no longer have to go through the hassle of mixing their energy drink with any water, unlike regular sports gel or powder, you can drink aminoVITAL® directly from the pack.

As an athlete, we all prefer quick and portable nutritional snacks such as a go-to energy bar or a pack of power gel. Well, Ajinomoto has come up with a solution and developed aminoVITAL® to cater to your needs!

So you must be thinking “how can aminoVITAL® benefit me as a cyclist?” Well, the uniqueness of the product differentiates itself from other regular sports drinks that are also known as hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic drinks that contain various levels of fluids, electrolyte and carbohydrates. Now, professional and recreational athletes are aware of the benefits of amino acids for sports, and they have started using amino acids as a regular nutrition. With aminoVITAL®, it allows your body to digest and absorb the nutrients your body needs three times faster than regular sports drinks or products, which make it effective for cyclists who are in need of quick energy-packed.

In the midst of riding, your body’s muscle craves protein and protein is made out of amino acids, thus for your body to perform at its best, it needs more amino acids. By consuming amino acid from aminoVITAL® only takes up to 30 minutes for its nutrients to be fully absorbed by the body, it can definitely help you in fueling the lack of nutrients that your body needs for you to perform better!

Best Sports Drink for Cyclists

Why aminoVITAL®?

We highly recommend aminoVITAL® to cyclists due to the functions and benefits that cater to all types of cyclists. The essential in amino acids include valine, leucine, and isoleucine, it is called branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) where people are more familiar. For long-distance cyclists, your body gradually runs out of energy sources and begins to break down muscle proteins to use BCAAs for energy, causing muscle damage. Supplementing BCAAs before, during, and after rides will give the body more energy to move longer and reduce further muscle breakdown. Thus, by consuming aminoVITAL® which contains BCAAs, it helps to improve performance and enhance muscle recovery for people who participate in marathons or any endurance sports.

Best Sports Drink for Cyclists

In Cycling Malaysia Magazine, we recommend cyclists to have a high carbs and protein meal for maximum energy, however, the breakdown of food takes a longer time. To keep your body going for a long period food fuel are essential. Thus, aminoVITAL®’s amino acid can easily be absorbed into the body within 30 minutes, which makes it great for all athletes who participate in marathons or any other endurance sports!

How To Drink aminoVITAL®?

While preparing for a training, it is recommended that cyclists drink 1 pouch, 30 minutes before their race to get the cyclist’s body well prepared throughout the entire race.

As an example, a half marathon of 53km, it is optimal to take aminoVITAL 30 minutes before and another pack within 30 minutes at the end of your race as a recovery drink. For a full marathon of 106km, it is best to consume up to 2-3 pouches per day or 1 pouch every 3-4 hours. Thus, drinking aminoVITAL® allows quick recovery from fatigue, reduces muscle soreness, and averts metabolic syndrome which is ideal for cyclists.

Best Sports Drink for Cyclists

Additionally, aminoVITAL® is certified HALAL by CICOT (Central Islamic Council of Thailand) which is recognized foreign HALAL certification by JAKIM. So, give it a try and feel the difference today!

aminoVITAL® – Apple Jelly Flavoured Drink with Amino Acids is now available on Shopee and Lazada. To find out more about this product, head to –

Facebook: @myaminovital

Instagram: @myaminovital



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