What is Cycling Malaysia?


“What is Cycling Malaysia Magazine?” We are the first homegrown cycling magazine owned and managed by enthusiast Malaysians for Malaysians. Cycling Malaysia Magazine is the first-ever local cycling magazine published. We set out to connect cyclists with the cycling community, cycling events, and organizations in Malaysia which contributes to the growth of cycling as a sport. On our website, it is filled with ample articles and knowledgeable information on cycling, readily for all levels be it amateur, intermediate and professional races.

Cycling Malaysia Magazine is more than just that, we provide our readers a series of comprehensive and enlightening articles on the latest cycling news and events, fast facts on cycling, gadget features, and plenty of cycling tips and tricks that will prepare you for your next race! As we are a lifestyle magazine that shapes the cycling lifestyle, we hope that our online magazine will be able to attract people into the cycling community as it is a growing sport. 

We said it is a ‘Lifestyle Magazine’, as being an online lifestyle magazine is one of the most popular magazines in demand that is concerned with lifestyle. It helps you as a reader to stay completely updated on the trends. As for Cycling Malaysia Magazine, we focus on ‘Health and Fitness’. Many have asked, “Is cycling even a lifestyle?” Why yes it is! Cycling has definitely evolved and eventually gained the attention of many people, as it increases the level of physical activity, many have said cycling has become influential and slowly became part of their life. Thus, we hope readers are able to pick up some benefits and knowledge of cycling through our magazine. 

What’s Our Goal?

In Cycling Malaysia Magazine, our vision is to be Malaysia’s leading cycling magazine that provides the best insight scoop mainly on cycling, wellness, fitness, and biking equipment for all enthusiasts across the nation. 

We are a group of sports fanatics who aspire to build and grow Malaysia’s cycling community and promote ‘Cycling as a Lifestyle’ to all people. We believe in making a difference in society through our magazine as it helps to advocate people on living a healthier lifestyle. We want to let our readers explore ‘Why cycling is such a great sport to pick up!’ 

To start off, as a non-cyclist reader, you must be wondering, “How can cycling actually benefit you in your day to day life?” Cycling doesn’t mean participating in races only, it could be riding with friends, in a group, on errands, or specific training towards a goal. There’s no limitation to cycling! Cycling exposes you to plenty of natural light which can regulate the circadian rhythm and improve the quality of your sleep. Also, it helps as a form of stress reliever, lowering cortisol levels in the blood, and overall improving your body mentally and physically. “Are you convinced now?” Don’t worry, Cycling Malaysia Magazine is here to help you explore further! 

What Do We Have To Offer?

In Cycling Malaysia Magazine, we offer our readers the latest cycling news and events that are happening across the nation which will provide insights on what is happening in Malaysia’s cycling community. Our magazine covers a variety of cycling information such as recommending types of biking gears, equipment, and where is the best spot to get them around Malaysia. Also, we post up articles on cycling training techniques, types of strength training for cyclists, and many other interesting reads and knowledgeable findings for you to achieve optimal results during your cycling journey. 

On our website, we do not limit ourselves to sharing other people’s stories, as we believe in knowledge sharing. Hence, we have provided our readers ‘cover stories’ based on countries out of Malaysia that Cycling Malaysia Magazine has worked with, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and others. Besides that, we all know Malaysia was under the MCO restrictions, so “you must be wondering how can riders continue their training or cycling?”. Cycling Malaysia Magazine took the initiative to feature local cyclists on how they took cycling to the next level during their time in lockdown. You can read it up on our ‘Malaysian Rider’s Life in MCO’ in our ‘Features’ category along with other featured articles. We guarantee you an interesting read! 

Cycling Malaysia Magazine sets out to inspire people through real-life stories, thus in our ‘Interviews’ category, we featured multiple athletes, sharing their personal stories that they have encountered during their cycling journey. We are taking you to deep dive into an athlete’s world when you read their stories. Most of our interviewees are our local Malaysian, being a proud Malaysian makes their stories heart-whelming and relatable.

These athletes could be your next-door neighbor, family, or friends. Besides that, we continue to share stories from our local Malaysian biking shops and a couple of overseas stories. We have featured biking shops, such as ASTICYCLE, VELO6 (Hong Kong), 2ESCAPE, JBS Bike Trading, and even small yet humble businesses across the nation, as it’s truly inspiring to understand what fueled them to start or continued their biking business throughout the years. We hope through their stories it will inspire people to take on the challenge to change their lifestyle and put the message across that cycling is for everyone. 

If you are new to cycling or already a pro-level cyclist, one thing both have in common is that you will need a bike to start your cycling journey! Finding a bike that fits you well will take time, however, the fit of the bike is essential for cyclists. As different types of bikes cater to different types of terrains. Asking yourself “where can I get more insights on bikes?”, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! In our ‘Bike Finder’ category, we have prepared detailed and informative articles on recommended bikes for our readers. We have featured local Malaysian brands such as Orbea and Polygon as well as international brands like Giant, Cannondale, and others. We want to provide readers the options and alternatives when it comes to choosing bikes. 

Other than that, you must be looking for biking gears and gadgets for your ride! “Would like to complete the whole cycling look?” Fret not, our ‘Style Archives’ category will provide you with a variety of articles on biking equipment, gadgets, apparel, and many more just for you to better your cycling experience. 

There’s gotta be more that you can offer right?

In cycling, having proper techniques is the key to efficiency and comfort, however, it is often overlooked. In Cycling Malaysia Magazine, we believe in helping you achieve your utmost best result during and after your ride. We offer our readers cycling techniques and advice from certified trainers and professionals. So you are in good hands!

Cycling maintenance is equally important, basic maintenance such as cleaning, lubricating, adjusting derailleurs, or upgrading different moving parts of the bike to keep them working efficiently will make a big difference to the enjoyment of your next ride. Especially, if you’re an avid biker, you know there are key features to maintain to ensure your ride is smooth and safe. In Cycling Malaysia Magazine, we offer our readers the 101 bicycle maintenance guide and tips as well as more in-depth bike maintenance skills for cyclists at all levels. 

In Cycling Malaysia Magazine we do not stop here, we have recently come up with services for you! Well besides sports articles, we have started our very own new online marketing packages since 1st July 2020 mainly catered to corporates and event organizers, it consists of two platforms which are ‘The Sportsman Management’, and ‘Cycling Malaysia Magazine and Running Malaysia Magazine (CMRM)’ which currently has up to more than 200K followers. These are the best platforms in Malaysia to promote your brand and products for sports enthusiasts alike. We offer three types of packages being package A ‘Facebook Posting’, package B ‘Products E-commerce with the inclusion of product introduction and marketing’, and package C ‘Facebook Live Stream or Branding or Product Interview’ to our interested customers. We are motivated to help your brand and product to create a broader and accurate promotion. Our main goal is to allow local sports media to shine and continue contributing to society and Malaysia. 

The excitement does not stop here! In 2021, we will be developing an e-commerce platform especially for you to access and purchase products online, so you can conveniently grab what you will need for your runs. So stay tuned! 

We are happy to say Cycling Malaysia Magazine has been providing informative articles on cycling to our readers. As we continue to share and encourage our readers to explore further into cycling as a sport and a lifestyle with our online magazine. The information that we have is made easy to understand, so don’t fret if you are new to the cycling scene. We aspire to help you make that lifestyle change as smooth as possible with our one-stop platform filled with cycling answers to your questions.


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