Launching of the LOOK – 785 Huez, Huez RS & KEO 2 MAX Pedals

21 hairpin turns, over 1000m elevation over 13.8km…The iconic Alpe D’Huez is not just a difficult climb, but most cyclists also refer it to the “Hollywood” climb.

It was also where LOOK Cycle launched its latest products – the all new LOOK 785 Huez and 785 Huez RS as well as the updated Keo 2 Max pedals. On behalf of Cycling Magazine Malaysia, I was lucky enough to be invited to the press launch event which included tests rides and a race, the Prix des Rousses. I had the chance to ride the new LOOK 785 bike with anticipation, just to experience how upright of a bike LOOK Cycle has designed and engineered.

First, let’s talk about the new LOOK 785 Huez and 785 Huez RS! LOOK Cycle has always been an iconic brand in the industry, up till today it is still one of the only ones that produces its own frames. In conjunction with its tagline – “Ride Your Dream”, it identified a gap in its line of products that would fit its market as well as generate a new innovation in manufacturing as most bike companies now have split their bike lines to three different segments – aero, endurance and finally, lightweight

Chris (middle) with Laurent Jalabert “Jaja” (left) and Kévin Ledanois (right)

LOOK Cycle, having already pushed the boundaries with state of the art aero bike (LOOK 795 Aerolight) and endurance bike (LOOK 765) decided to utilise its expertise in manufacturing carbon frames to create a lightweight bike that will be World Tour worthy. Enter the LOOK 785 Huez and 785 Huez RS. Both of these frames have the exact same optimised inertia section that allows LOOK to create a lightweight yet stiff frameset, while maintaining the guaranteed feel of a race bike.


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