Launching of the LOOK – 785 Huez, Huez RS & KEO 2 MAX Pedals


Inventor of the clipless pedal, the first carbon frame in 1986 and the first track carbon monobloc frame, LOOK is the road clipless pedal worldwide leader. Its apporach to filed research and development earned it the INPI Trophy for the most innovative small to medium sized business in France in 2009. LOOK has also won the Bike of the Year award in France 4 times, the Design Star award several times, and the 2010 German IF Design award. LOOK has unequled experience and know-how in carbon design and manufacturing. An independent company, LOOK’s head office in Nevers is where all the product design, development and prodcution take place. LOOK has a staff of around 420 people throughout the world today. LOOK – one of the most innovative companies on the market.



An ultra-lightweight bicycle for unique sensations.

The 785 Huez RS is a bicycle with a sleek design, engineered and conceived to always be lighter and more efficient in the mountains.

The comfort on the bicycle is provided not only by the use of specific fibers, but also by the adoption of a 27.2mm HR carbon seatpost which provides flexibility. This diameter is the optimal size which allows for the greatest amount of flex while assuring dependable tensile strength. LOOK designers and engineers, above all, wanted to create the lightest bicycle possible with optimum characteristics by concentrating primarily
on its efficiency.

The new 785 HUEZ RS is a concentration of pure technology without any frills. Its design and size and shape of its tubes have been optimized to obtain the best attainable inertia, making the construction a 5.9kg bicycle for the general public possible.


  • NANO LAYER CONSTRUCTION – With over 30 years of carbon technology know-how, skill and expertise, LOOK engineers, in their manufacturing facility, ultra-precisely define the position and orientation of each of the thin layers of carbon used to create their tubes.
  • OPTIMIZED INERTIA SECTION – To create the 785 Huez RS, LOOK began by studying and improving the shape of all of the tubes. Optimizing the shape requires defining the design that provides the maximum inertia for each tube, that is to say, to choose the optimal length, size and shape that produces the best stiffness-to-weight ratio. Therefore, a sleek and sophisticated design is selected. LOOK entirely focused upon the search for efficiency and performance by engineers, to create an ultra-light bicycle with the best possible characteristics. A tube sidewall thickness of 0.6mm was ultimately chosen.
  • ULTRA HIGH MODULUS CARBON – Once the optimal length, size and tube thickness have been determined, the next step is to establish the ideal carbon composition to achieve LOOK’s objective, the creation of the best bicycle made for climbing. To accomplish this, the recipe is similar to that of gastronomic cuisine. To make the best dish, one needs ingredients of the highest quality. LOOK has therefore selected only superior carbon fibers, including the finest of the high modulus, to create the 785 Huez RS.



A complete revision for even more efficiency and performance.

Emblematic pedals from the brand that won the 2009 Tour de France with Alberto Contador, the KEO 2 MAX CARBON, dedicated to cyclists looking for excitement and to go beyond their personal limits, have gone through numerous advancements and improvements.

The LOOK design team has completely remodeled the shape of the KEO 2 MAX, giving it a new, slimmed down line yet a wider contact surface, increasing its style and efficiency. At only 125g, the KEO 2 MAX CARBON is one of the lightest pedals in its category. Like all the LOOK pedals, she is manufactured in France, in LOOK our headquarters located in Burgundy (Nevers).


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