5 Safety Tips For Cycling At Night


Cycling at night is just as enjoyable and convenient as it is in the daylight. It is the perfect time for people who have a busy day schedule and still want to keep up with their bike fitness.

Especially in Malaysia, it is the best way to avoid the scorching hot and humid tropical weather and the busy streets.

However, safety should always be a number one priority when riding our bikes at any time of the day. To ensure your after-dark cycling trips remain safe and enjoyable, here are 5 safety tips to keep in mind when riding at night.

1. Lights

When riding at night, it is crucial to attach high visibility and quality rear safety lightings on your bike to see where you’re going and to be seen by others.

At the bare minimum, you should have flashing front and backlights on your bikes, it can be significantly more visible to drivers than static lights. As for ankle lights, studies found that lights that trace movements of your feet as you peddle are the most effective in catching the attention of drivers. Thus, don’t skimp on your safety and consider investing in quality and durable bike lights.

5 Safety Tips For Cycling At Night

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2. Reflective gears

It makes sense to wear light-colored or fluorescent colored cycling wear while riding at night for visibility.

However, many cyclists overestimate their visibility when riding at night, thus, if you’re serious about staying safe at night, get some reflective tape and use it on your helmet, clothing, bike frame, rims, and pedal.

5 Safety Tips For Cycling At Night

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3. Know your route

Next, try to avoid cycling new routes, as you are unfamiliar with the roads at night, which may increase the risk of safety. Especially in Malaysia, there’s plenty of potholes and gravel, and drains that you may encounter while riding at night.

If you are taking a new route, do some research first and plan your trip ahead to avoid tricky intersections, blind corners, or large potholes.

5 Safety Tips For Cycling At Night

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4. Extra care of your bike

The worst period of time for your bike to break down is at night, it can be dangerous if you don’t have plenty of space away from the road.

Thus, take extra care of your bike and inspect your tires, chains, and breaks before cycling at night. Also, make sure to keep your cell phone on you when riding alone at night.

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5. Ride in the direction of traffic

Lastly, it is best to ride in the direction of the traffic at night. When riding against traffic, you may startle oncoming traffic or be visible to them too late. It is harder to avoid an obstacle when it’s coming at you, especially in narrow roads, rather than if it was moving along your direction.

Biking at night can be intimidating if you are not used to it, but there’s something very special about a peaceful and calm night-time bike ride that you should experience. Just stay alert and follow the safety tips above, you’ll be able to enjoy night time riding.

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