Why Mountain Biking?



In this modern era, most people are stressed out with their daily lives that it affects their mental and physical health. So, how do we overcome this problem? One of many ways to overcome stress is by having physical activity; you can go to the gym, you can jog, or better yet, you can ride a bike!

I am Mr. Md Saffie Bin Md Salleh, a local mountain bike (MTB) rider in Beaufort, Sabah. My full-time job is a school principal in SMK Kota Klias, Beaufort. I started mountain biking activity 3 years ago. Initially, I was worried about my health when I had hypertension so I decided to try and join my friends riding a mountain bike for me to relieve my stress. After only a few months, my health got better and slowly I was merged with the activity and started to compete in MTD events organized within Sabah.

There are some reasons to why I chose MTB instead of other types of bike riding choices available such as road bike (RB). There are pros and cons between these two same but different activities; RB is more to riding bike on the paved road (on-road), while MTB combines both on-road and off-road. Both have risks of their own; the risk of RB riding is that riders are exposed to the danger of road accidents involving cars. On the other hand, MTB riders are exposed to the dangers of falling into rocky, high, and steep areas in the off-road terrains.

Personally, I love challenges which is why I love MTB so much. MTB is a very challenging activity which requires both mental and physical endurance. To climb a steep hill is not an easy task, one has to be mentally and physically strong enough to climb a hill while riding a bike; determination and patience are the key.

Of course, when you like something, there are something you don’t like about. To me, the only thing I don’t like about MTB is that my bike will always get dirty from the trails; I need to wash my bike every time after I finish my activity. Other than that, I take it as a challenge that I pursue.

Name: Md Saffie Bin Md Salleh
D.O.B: 5th of August 1965
Age: 52
Occupation: School Principal in SMK Kota Klias, Beaufort, Sabah
Club: Padas Cycling Club Beaufort (PCC)
Facebook: Md Saffie Md Salleh
Instagram: saffiesalleh
Bicycle type: Mountain bike



There are several myths about MTB; about the safety in the off-road terrains that is the major cause of accidents that causes injuries. Accidents happen everywhere, anywhere, anytime regardless of what you’re doing. The best you can do is to avoid or minimize the possibility of getting into accidents by abiding the rules of MTB, learn the correct techniques, and avoid being careless.

A rider is tested mentally and physically while riding up a steep hill and and while going down a hill.


There are a lot of benefits of MTB; the main benefit is that it strengthens the rider’s mental and physical health. As mentioned earlier, a rider is tested mentally and physically while riding up a steep hill and while going down a hill. It teaches a rider about patience and determination, off-road terrains have a lot of obstacles that the riders need to overcome; the rocky, uneven trails, and steep hills. It takes time and requires a lot of energy to go through the obstacles.

Going down a hill sounds easy as it doesn’t really require a lot of energy from the rider; but, the rider needs to be extra careful because going down a hill is very tricky, controlling the brake and the handle requires a lot of focus as one small mistake will cause accidents. So, from these difficulties and challenges, riders could learn how to be patient and determined in anything they do; it also teaches them efficiency, you don’t just go through an obstacle without thinking as it might be very dangerous for you. In short, you have to think efficiently on the fastest and safest path to take.


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