Dealing with Flat Tires!

Have you ever gone through the lowest point in your life to the extent that you process all kinds of thoughts in random order but they do not make any sense except reasons of emptiness?

Thoughts are running past you without a single clue that your mind is racing with a list of uncertainties? There can be emotions of annoyance and frustration or you just stand still helplessly.

At some point on an exhilarating ride, the rupture of your bike tire nearly turns your day into a darkness. It feels as though an enormous invisible block is placed on top of you, that the happiest day of your life has ruined.

There will be several unexpected incidents happened in the occasions of cycling. It will cause you a nuisance if you have discovered a puncture in your bike. Mountain biking, in particular, is more likely to come across punctured tires due to the rough condition of a downhill. A puncture may cause you to lose control and traction upon riding on the grits and gravels.

To gladden your darkest point, TireCare Permanent Sealant allows you to recuperate a flat tire with just a simple step!

Being the world’s first permanent sealant for passenger vehicles, it needs no word to expound its effectiveness to liberate a punctured tire. Not only it is effective to inflate and seal up the pierced tires of bicycles, but also to motorcycles, trucks and buses.

TireCare Permanent Sealant is an eco-friendly product that is made from a perfect combination of natural rubber latex, Pitaya Extract, and nanofiber. When the tire is punctured or flat, air pressure will bring the mixture to the piercing and the mixture will form a network to seal the puncture automatically and immediately.


TireCare Permanent Sealant is manufactured 100% in Taiwan and is an award winning tire sealant that can be used in all types of tires to redefine puncture protection. Created with meticulous formula and texture, it is made to last and seal up to 8mm hole piercings.

Without needing a spare inner tube or tire during your ride, you should be calm all time when encounter accidental flat tire situation. Technical skills are not required, it will be convenient, easy and safe DIY in just 10 minutes using TireCare Permanent Sealant.

Changing a spare tire may be complex, but never the application of TireCare Permanent Sealant.

How TireCare Sealant Works?
  1. Rotate valve to low position.
  2. Remove valve stem.
  3. Shake TireCare Permanent Sealant well before use.
  4. Squeeze in TireCare sealant.
  5. Cycle, verify seal, and check pressure.


TireCare Permanent Sealant speaks for its potency and value to allow vehicle users to make their lives easier without having to mount a spare tire for a car and pump a flat bike tire, solely with the application of its permanent sealant. Unlike purchasing a spare tire or sending a flat tire to the workshop, applying the sealant saves you a lot of money as it is a frugal consumption, as well as time-saving and effortless.


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