An interview with one of Malaysia’s finest painter Hasnee A. Rahman

If you managed to get hold of the previous issue of Cycling Malaysia Magazine, you’d have noticed something rather unusual about the front cover. This time round, our team decided to shake things up a wee bit to try something a little different, of which we did! So instead of featuring a person, we decided to feature a work of cycling-themed art. And as a result, the 39th issue of Cycling Magazine Malaysia featured a painting by Hasnee A. Rahman, one of Malaysia’s finest painters, entitled – “Road To Rio”.

But who exactly is Hasnee A. Rahman? And what does he do? To answer these questions, our team at Cycling Magazine Malaysia thought that it would make for an excellent idea to meet up with this inspiring artist to get to know him a little better. Read on to find out more about this Kajang High School alumnus, and all else that he shared with us, including all of what pushes him to do better with each passing day.



Born on 23rd September 1964, Hasnee A. Rahman began painting elaborate pictures at the tender age of just 9 years old, a time when most of his friends were playing “kejar-kejar” in the field just across the street from home. But it wasn’t until he turned 26, that he finally realised his true passion for painting. This realization hit after having worked several jobs, one of which included serving airline companies like Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Hasnee shared that all those years of travelling around had certainly contributed to some of the finest and most cherished memories in his life. Travelling had always been one of his passion, but being able to work and travel at the same time was definitely an added bonus! Travelling the world opened him up to so many different possibilities, it also gave him the opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions, first hand. This was something he wouldn’t have traded for anything else in the world.

But what surprised us most was when this man candidly (and quite adorably) admitted that he once aspired to be a veterinarian. Being one from the science stream, Hasnee certainly set out to be quite an achiever. And now at the age of 52, this Malaysian artist can truly look back on a prolific career in the arts, despite not having a background or any sort of training in arts. All it took was a simple idea and lots of passion. Certainly comes to show that these 2 factors make for the most important ingredients when deciding to start on a new venture.




He described cycling as a sport that brought about a sense of liberation, where one “feels like they could fly as freely as a bird.”

In his younger days, Hasnee said that he played football amongst many other sports games. “But I stopped playing when I didn’t get selected to represent my school in football!”, the Kajang High School alumnus said jokingly. And in attempting to deal with the frustration of not being qualified for the school team, Hasnee decided to pick up cycling in 1979. Much to his surprise, Hasnee discovered that cycling brought about the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment.



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