Birzman Snap-It Apogee A High Point In Valve Adaptors


Birzman’s Range Of High Quality Pumps, Tools And Other Cycling Accessories Range Has Been A Mainstay For Cyclists Wanting A Reliable And Dependable Equipment On Their Rides. With The Introduction Of The Birzman Snap-it Apogee, Cyclists Now Have A Convenient, Multi-functional Pump In Their Tool Pouch.

Birzman’s philosophy is “To make maintenance easy, fun and enjoyable, provide the right tool for the job, and share our passion for biking with all riders.” With that objective in mind, Birzman’s recent introduction of the Snap-It Apogee valve adaptor to their range of floor and hand pumps brings efficiency and innovation to getting air into your tyres. Noting the fact that the 2 main standards for tube valves in the cycling world are Presta and Schrader, the Snap-It Apogee allows riders to change between Schrader and Presta valve adaptors with a quick finger movement.

Apogee works by using a finely engineered collar on the valve adaptor that moves between the up and down position. In the up position, the valve adaptor fits Presta valves, while in the down position, the Apogee adaptor threads onto Schrader valves with a quick twist of the collar. In either position, the Snap-It functionality designed into the valve adaptor ensures a tight fit on the Presta valve, without any danger of the valve adaptor blowing off due to high pressure. This is done by the Snap-It’s positive clamping on the Presta valve with an internal bit. This dual mode valve adaptor means one pump will address all the air fittings on a bike, notably mountain bikes, which use Schrader valves for the suspension, and Presta for the tyre tubes.

…allows riders to change between Schrader and Presta valve adaptors with a quick finger movement.

All this clever design technology allows for quick and easy fitting of the Snap-It Apogee valve adaptor to the various styles of Presta valves in the market, and ease of use when fitting to Schrader valves. An integrated bleed valve in the adaptor makes micro adjustments for pressure a breeze. Other neat design touches in the design of Birzman’s floor pumps include the pump barrel that tilts towards the user, making pumping easy and allowing more downward leverage. The tripod stand design is more stable, preventing the pump from slipping out while pumping.

Birzman’s passion for innovative design extends to their hand pumps as well, resulting in light, easy to use pumps that make quick work of inflation while on the road or trail. High volume and high pressure are both handled efficiently with CNC machining of the pump body, and the high quality seals used make short work of getting the required pressure and volume. At home, in the shop, on the road or trail, Birzman’s range of pumps and bike tools are what you need to make your riding easy and enjoyable.


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