The Right Choice The 720 Armour guide to choosing Sports Performance Eyewear


Sports performance eyewear is a necessary piece of safety equipment for cyclists. Good performance eyewear will help you see better while protecting your eyes. 720 Armour takes you through the choices available to you when selecting performance eyewear to suit your chosen sport.

There are many dangers to the cyclist while riding. Aside from the dirt and dust from cycling, there is the added distraction of glare and bright sunlight, as well as changing light conditions which can bother the cyclist, and may cause spills and falls. Choosing the correct performance eyewear to suit the light conditions while you ride is important, such as the correct frame type, and the type and colour of the lens. Sports performance eyewear should be an integral part of your safety equipment while riding, of equal importance to your helmet, gloves and shoes. There are a myriad of options available to you in the market, and 720 Armour’s guide will help you in making an informed purchase decision. Remember, you are not just purchasing a pair of sunglasses, but protection for your eyes while doing your favourite sport.


The fit of the frame to your head is of paramount importance. Cycling sports performance eyewear comes in 2 main shapes, blade and square. Frames should sit square on your face, without any undue pressure on the bridge of your nose, your temples and your ears. The bottom edge of the lenses should not cut into your cheeks or press into your brow line. When you look down, the frame should not slip off your face. 720 Armour’s Wrap Fit System facilitates a head hugging fit, being grippy without clenching, allowing the frame to sit lightly on your head for a sleek appearance and all day comfort.

The Lens

Lens material is important to cyclists. The high quality Double Impact Polycarbonate used in 720 Armour performance eyewear is super light and pliable, which blocks out UV rays and guards against both high and low speed impacts. The shatter resistance of polycarbonate lenses also protects against splinters and shards entering the eye in the event of a fall. Additionally, the multiple coatings applied to the lens serve to cut down on glare and transmit the correct light to your eye, enhancing direct and peripheral vision. Lastly, anti scratch and anti fog coatings on the lens are there to protect the lens and prevent loss of clarity whilst being worn.


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