113 Triathlon Series

For the first time in 2015, Northern, Southern and Eastern Malaysia will be holding their first “113 Triathlon” event, leaving an indelible mark in Malaysia’s long distance triathlon competitive scene.

Endurance events, particularly triathlons and running have been gaining popularity in Malaysia with the number of events increasing significantly over the years. Following the success of 2XU 113k Triathlon Desaru race held in August 2014, Eventure Global rode on the waves of success and launched the much-anticipated “113 Triathlon” Series. New Zealand Ironman Legend, Cameron Brown who won that event even said, “There is so much potential in this Race (113 Triathlon) and country, I will definitely be back for more.”

The 113 Triathlon series will be held at 3 different locations around Malaysia; Sabah Kota Kinabalu (March 14th to 15th), Johor Desaru (June 13th to 14th) and Bukit Merah Perak (Sept 5th to 6th).

Each series has three categories, featuring its main event “113 Triathlon” which covers a 2km swim, 90km bike ride and a 21km run bringing the total distance to 113km. Those keen on warming-up before the main event, or beginner trying to get into triathlons can enjoy the “113 Sprint” (750m swim, 20km bike ride, 5km run). Lastly, children aged 10 & above and newbies to the triathlon sport can get their hands on the “113 Mini” (300m swim, 10km bike ride, 2km run). Indeed, the Series aims to become more family-oriented with participants being able to enjoy special rates if you sign yourself up under the113 Family Package. Other 113 packages are also available online.

Andy Foo, 113 Triathlon Race Director

Race Director Andy Foo commented that the 113 Triathlon Series, a triathlon event that is of a half-Ironman distance, would definitely be an important event in Malaysia’s triathlon history as it is held in parts of Northern, Southern and Eastern Malaysia. It’s also the first time Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Bukit Merah, Perak held events of such nature.

Andy further commented that there are plans to hold such events in other parts of Asia.

Registration for the event has started. Participants taking part in 113 Sabah race can expect Early Bird discounts to close on the 16th January 2015. Do check out http://113triathlon.com for further enquiries and registration details.

Eventure Global Pte Ltd

Eventure Global is an Event Management company specializing in sports with our headquarters located in Singapore.

The best way to produce a unique experience for our clients and participants comes from our core team, which comprises of a good blend of Corporate People to Athletes themselves. We have together participated and organized our fair share of events to understand the missing ingredient – FUN. Despite having fun, we ensure that our events are organized with the highest integrity from pre to post event.

We are the ones who brought the 113 Triathlon Series into Malaysia, and will soon be expanding to other countries. Do contact us at info@113triathlon.com if you’re keen to bring this race into your region!

Other services provided apart from Event Management include Timing Services, Training Camps and Coaching Services.

www.113triathlon.com, www.eventureglobal.com


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