Gadgets Up! – Feb/Mar 2015

Ecowell New BR1-12W – RM135.00

The new wireless BRI-12W from Ecowell features a clear, LCD display with easy to read numbers.  Capturing the basic measurements, this cycle computer records current and average speed, total mileage, trip distance and riding time, amongst others.  The BR1-12W comes in 4 different colours and mounting is with the supplied bracket using zip ties or bands.

Available at Ngee Cycle, 603-6151 2119


Moon X-power 2500 – RM699.00

4 Cree XM-L LEDs make this Moon’s most powerful light.  The light unit can be mounted to the bars or helmet with the supplied brackets, and the flat pack battery is mounted remotely.  7 light modes include Over drive, High, Standard, Low, Flashing, Strobe and SOS. A standard  charger is supplied and there is a USB charging option.  Battery life is a claimed 3 hours and 40 minutes in standard mode and the  total package weighs 493 grams.

Available at W.G. Cycle, 6013-801 0026


Cat Eye STRADA SMART CC-RD500B – RM290.00

The Strada goes smartphone compatible with the new Smart CC-RD500B.  Using the Cateye cycling app, the Strada Smart is mounted to the bars while interfacing with a smartphone using Bluetooth.  Various metrics are recorded and transmitted to the smartphone, and there is also a direct interface with Cateye sensors.  Weight is 17 grams, and the CR2032 battery will last 5 months.

Available at Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, 603-6038 3703


D-Light USB Rechargeable Safety Light CG-211R – RM79.90

Using 3 SMD LEDs, this USB rechargeable rear light uses an optically designed lens to provide a bright warning to other road users.  There are 4 light modes as well as a low battery indicator and a battery protection circuit to prevent overcharging. Run time is claimed at 5 hours in constant mode and 12.5 hours in flashing.  Weight is a light 15.2 grams.

Available at Bike Elementz, 603-6243 3398


Sinji Tail Light RT-100 – RM69.00

This bar design rear light from Korea has 5 in-line LEDs that put out 90 candle power.  The clear red casing provides 180° visibility to other road users.  Powered by 2 ‘AAA’ size batteries, the RT-100 will go 150 hours in steady mode, and over 600 hours while flashing.  The design is waterproof and uses a standard clamp to mount to the seatpost.  There are 5 light modes and weight is a claimed 67 grams.

Available at T.S. Cycle, 603-9101 8051


Cat Eye Volt 700 HL-EL470RC – RM430.00

This super bright rechargeable headlight uses a high intensity white X1 LED to give 700 lumens of light in dynamic mode.  A bar mountFlextight bracket is provided, while a helmet mount is available separately.  Charging is via Micro USB cable, and the battery will take about 300 recharge cycles before dropping to 70%.  There are 5 light modes, and run time is claimed at 3.5 hours in normal mode.  Weight is 140 grams.

Available at Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, 603-6038 3703


D-Light USB Rechargeable Safety Light CG-211W – RM79.90

Designed to match the CG-211R rear light, this headlight from D-Light uses 2 SMD LEDs for a reasonable light spread.  USB rechargeable, this light can be used mounted on the bars or on the helmet.  There are 4 light modes available to suit road conditions, and run time is 6 hours on constant and 12 hours on flashing mode.  Weight is 15.7 grams.

Available at Bike Elementz, 603-6243 3398


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