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The word ‘passion’ has a cheesy connotation, but you have to see it as a nonnegotiable element of your success. In fact, if you’re going to be successful, you have to be passionate.

Meet Wylie Tang, an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is the owner of Fishee Coffee. A fan of art, rustic design and recyclable items. He was led merely by his passion and determination. Read on as we introduce to you how this passionate person owned his first classic bike and shared the sensation of cycling!

We were dazzled by Wylie Tang’s achievement upon his establishment of Fishee Coffee which is a café located in Aked Esplanad Bukit Jalil since 2015. Due to the bustle and hustle in the surrounding area, there is a growing demand on coffee delivery. Instead of dawdling for coffee delivery, Wylie sought for alternative ways to have his employees send freshly brewed coffee to his dedicated customers. That was how the idea of a delivery bicycle formed.

Wylie shared that his excitement is always classic and rustic designs. Just like his passion about coffee, he also learnt inspiration of interior designs to the detailing of his café. Besides that, the searching of a desired bicycle was tough on him as he was not impressed by modern looking bicycles.

Ensuring that his goal was persistent, he was finally led to a neighboring bicycle shop called Asti Cycle Works after he spotted two classic bike riders while on his way to work. From the newly set-up bike shop, he found pre loved Japanese bicycles which he had been longing for. “I decided on a classic colored city bike, although looked slightly dull and faded on the paintwork and wheels but I was determined to engage with the team from Asti Cycle Works for a modifying project.” he added.

Focusing on the aesthetic and reliability, the team stripped down the bike and rebuilt the components of the brakes and drivetrain to maintain the originality of the bike. One of the key attractions of this “project bike” is the custom wooden coffee carrier. This one of its kind carrier is functional, practical and eye-popping.

Without having a clue of how the bicycle would end up like, Wylie was in awe at the final production, and gratified with every meticulous detail made to the bicycle just exactly the way he wanted it to be.

Specs of bike Before modification:
  • Classic 26 inch City Bike
  • Shimano Internal 3 speed hub with thumb shifters
  • Classic Dynamo Lights
  • Classic Bell
  • Rear Drum Brakes
  • Weight – 15.5kg

Specs of bike after modification:
  • Custom Fender and Paint work
  • Rebuild Internal 3 Speed Hub
  • Custom Rear Rack
  • Custom wooden carrier for coffee delivery

Original retail price and price after modification:

Pre Loved Bicycle from Japan RM600 + Custom Work and rebuild RM 750 = RM1400


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