Challenges Are What Make Life Interesting!



Inspired by the movie “To the Fore”, 18 Birdy Foldies targeted to let the adventure begin. In September 2016, 18 cyclists from Team Birdy Folding Bike Malaysia took part in a cycling event held in Taiwan. With the main aim of self-ability test to conquer Wu-Ling, the team approached Pacific Cycles and a Taiwan tour agency for an arrangement of their 11-day cycling adventure in Taiwan.

Upon their arrival in Tai-Chung on the 16th September, the team indulged themselves in delectable Taiwanese snacks at Feng Jia Night Market, and a cycling expedition to Sun Moon Lake on the following day.

Shared a mutual passion, on the 18th September, the team set off from Puli on a 55km adventure to Wu-Ling Mountain Highway. It was about personal pleasure and challenge to achieve an intimidating peak which tops out at a staggering 3,275m above the Pacific Ocean. The entire 55km ride was divided into 10 checkpoints, each had a different distance in kilometre.

However in a positive frame of mind, the cyclists encouraged each other along the way to the top of the hill. Although the journey seemed endless, there was a constant reminder of what their initial motivation was.

After they rested and replenished their energy, they resumed another 20 to 50 kilometres through a gorge. Due to heavy rainfall and depleting body strength and stamina, only 8 out of the 18 cyclists triumphed over the intimidating peak.

With a completion of 55km ride to the peak of Wu-Ling Mountain, 8 cyclists were presented a certification each as an incentive.

Climbing mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world

  • Designed by Riese und Muller in Germany and produced by Pacific in Taiwan.
  • The Birdy has no frame hinge, with both front and the back point of contact serving as latches and shock absorbers.
  • The anti-dive suspension has minimal impact on pedalling efficiency due to its stiffness while have good rolling ability.
  • A performance bicycle with ranges of upgrade gears available for performance oriented cyclists.


Wu Ling, the highest stretch of road in Taiwan that is accessible by public road, 3,422m (11,227ft). The road crosses Taiwan Island from east to west.
It is about 3,500m elevation height in less than 80km length, with average gradient about 4-6% climb. Cycling along the mountain, hairpin turning, changing in altitude and indulging in spectacular panoramic view are what cyclists’ desire!
*Brace yourself, Genting highland is at 1,865m (6118ft).*


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