Shimano Burung Hantu 2018 Checklist


The biggest and most exciting night jamboree, Shimano Burung Hantu 2018 will be happening in less than three days. If you are new to mountain biking at night, you may need to do a quick pre-ride checklist, in fact – you should.

If you have no clue what you should prepare for your ride, we have summed the checklist up to improve your riding efficiency while maximizing safety.

Get your bike thoroughly fitted or tunned

Before a night ride, it is important that you do an extensive check that your bike is properly set up and ready before you set off. Fixing a mechanical breakdown in the dark is not fun, so it is necessary to ensure your bike is in order, to minimize the risk of something failing when you are out riding in the trail.

Install a functional bike light

One of the most vital parts of night riding is installing the bright lights that will provide you with adequate lighting. At night, big rocks, poles, obstacles can take you by surprise, especially in the off-road trail without a beam of light. So a wide spread of light coming from you is important. The optimum setup is two lights, a headlight, and a taillight.

Pack the other core gears

Having your bicycle checked and light installed, you should grab your cycling shoes, hydration pack or water bottles, eye protection, gloves, knee pads, and snacks. However, accidents do happen everywhere. You need to make sure you have the tools to fix your own bike when needed. Repair tools such as Allen wrenches, lightweight pump, patch kit, tire levers, and more come to a good use to fix most likely mechanical failures. As useful as your tools, it’s always good to carry first-aid items such as alcohol cleaning wipes and plasters, in case of crashes and injuries on the ride.

Wear reflective jerseys/shirts

In addition to the most crucial element for night riding, reflective clothing is an equally imperative safety measure to invest in. We strongly recommend that you wear bright and vibrant clothing so that you are more visible to other cyclists and marshalls around you. If you have forgotten your reflective clothing, adding some reflective tape to your bike is all right.

Any thin layer of outwear such as insulated or wind jacket is ideal for cool conditions. The temperature gets a lot colder at night time, so you might need some good base-layers to keep you warm. Arm or leg warmers are good to go too!

Remember your personal items

Of course, you decide what to bring for the ride. The regular items are the cell phone, cash, camera, emergency contact card, ID, extra clothing, quick-dry towel for cleanups, chamois cream for chafing, insect repellent, personal medication and more.

Check the weather broadcast

Weather can change suddenly and unexpectedly, especially in this rainy season in Malaysia. It is safe to check the weather broadcast before the race. If there seems to be a chance of rain, a waterproof-breathable rain jacket is perfect to be packed in your bag!

Last but not least, you should always keep in mind that safety comes first. If you feel unfit or not well, please get the marshalls or medical team to assist you.

See ya’ll at Shimano Burung Hantu Jamboree! Have fun, and be safe!

Date: 20th October 2018 (Saturday)
Time : 8.00PM-2.00AM
Venue : Rumah Melaka, Bukit Katil Melaka


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