Innovation Is coming up



They have been thinking up new things. A move molded into its name that packs ideas of then and now to create products full of originality.
INNO is no more, no less than what its name stands for—Innovation.

Inno Your Ride

No snow is too tricky to stop you from your sports affair. At least, not on Inno’s watch. Balancing style and function, they have pursued innovative and easy-to-use products that would withstand any weather condition.

No active person will speak of not making the most out of the trickiest weather with Inno Advanced Car Racks.

Under CarMate, which were founded in 1963, products from car accessories to other outdoor, leisure and sporting goods have been manufactured based on advanced information technology.

“We aim to create innovative products. From the founding of CarMate, we gradually moved on to cultivating the Inno brand, among others, that would make it convenient for sports enthusiasts, cyclists and anglers alike, to carry their equipment on their car roofs. We make carriers dedicated for any season,” CarMate’s Overseas Division Sales Manager Masahiro Honjo said.

From developing winter products to fishing, then cycling, Inno keeps building an innovation culture that responds to the market needs.

Innovating Freedom

Inno gives you the freedom to ride anywhere, not to mention keeps your car clutter-free on the inside. Debuting these models in the local scene, with more to come eventually, Inno lets you drive in comfort with your bikes secured on the roof for your long distance trips.

With this unique design, it only takes 3 steps to secure your bike. It also supports most bike frame styles including carbon.

“This bike carrier has two major features. First, this doesn’t touch the frame.

We receive many requests from users who are concerned about scratches on the bike. With this bike carrier, you don’t have to worry about getting your bike scratched while mounted. Second, this is easy to roll. All secured in 3 steps!” Mr. Honjo explained.

He added, “No other brand has anything like this. This is what innovation means to us. We try to create something new.”

Besides Japan, where it’s the leading brand, Inno is also doing well in the US and other places in Europe. The products are also distributed in Korea, recently started in Thailand, and are now approaching Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Sea Tackle, Inno’s official distributor, and a veteran fishing tackle distributor in Malaysia, is venturing into cycling.


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