The Return Of The Revolutionary Small-wheeled Bicycle


In business for over 50 years now, the Alex Moulton bicycles were designed for usability, performance and comfort, proving the concept of full-size bicycles with small wheels. They’re known to make high performance bicycles for speed, efficiency and durability.

Yeat is a product designer who absolutely loves classic bikes and their unique structure. He finds them rather distinctive and appreciates the very fact that a lot of hardwork and passion has gone into designing these timeless beauties.

While browsing the Internet, he decided to make the Raleigh purchase that was on sale that time. For a token amount, he picked up the antique bike from all the way in Ipoh. Everything about this “fun and easy to ride” bike looked just fine, but required some restoration as certain parts weren’t functioning as they should.

In the very comforts of home, the began his refurbishing efforts. He started by painting the bike frame a shade of pastel green, giving it a unique finish. The speed hub that came with the bike needed replacing, so Yeat purchased a brand new one shipped all the way from the UK and had it fixed. The dynamo on the bike worked fine, but not the light, so that too was replaced with an online purchase.

The rims, on the other hand, were sent in for chrome plating treating, giving it a glossy finish. He intended on doing the same for the handlebars, but decided otherwise. He instead removed the rust, and gave it a nice polish, leaving behind a pleasurable texture. He then applied a lacquer coat to it, adding more shine and protection.

The restoration process however wasn’t so elaborate because he wished to retain the precious vintage feel. The finished product was needless to say, impressive and the bike was still functional. The rebuilding cost amounted to about RM3,000. Yeat’s restoration efforts didn’t go unrecognised, a few people even inquired about purchasing the bike.

In his antique collection, he also owns a Chopper and a Volkswagen Kombi.


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