A Gifted Gen Z

If life is about perseverance, Rowie Len has done it pretty well. Rowie’s father has been a vigorous cyclist, particularly in mountain biking. Rowie picked up cycling when he first entered high school and followed to several MTB sessions with his father.

Initially, whenever Rowie got on a bike, his classmates would unquestionably label him as a timid child from an unsupportive perspective. What has remained constantly is his passion for mountain biking, which he discovered when he was 13. Fear not, despite being one of the youngest cyclists in the cycling team, his physical size does not match for his speed, however the need for fitness level always gets him to the finish line, which has turned him into a competitive mountain biker.

Meet Rowie Len, a young but strong 15 year old, relentlessly chasing the thrills and podiums. Once he started the climb, he was hooked on the swooping. He loves the fast steep descents that follow a long climb. How has this spirited teenager gone through his ups and downs?



Mountain biking is more than the bike. Every terrain is a very different experience. Being a young member and novice rider to his cycling team, the prospect of riding up one mountain on the bumpy and rutted roads seemed almost impossible and not at all like something had he thought he would do.

Without a proper training, Rowie’s father convincingly took him to races since he was 13. Unfortunately, he stopped for a few times in the race, pushing his bike, and staring hopelessly at other cyclists. He comprehended that his stamina was certainly not sufficient to be one of the racers in a competition. Most of the time, Rowie felt extremely ignorant as he had no idea what he was in the race for. “I hardly climbed a mountain. I was unfamiliar with descending.

All reasons I would have used to say: I am only 13 years old. I can’t possibly do it.” Things, finally became worse when he turned out to be the last rider after the cut-off time. Rowie’s father, who had been staying by his side encouraged him to not give up, in spite of being the last one in the race, it is important to practice good sportsmanship. This helpless young guy was determined to make it to the finish line.


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