A Face to Face Chat with A.D.O

The Assistant District Officer, often abbreviated to A.D.O, is a commissioned administrator of the Government. On being appointed as an A.D.O, he takes up different responsibilities, through regular rotation of jobs. He receives wide exposure and acquires expertise in different areas, as well as develops multi-skills and accumulates rich experience in public administration.

In formulating policies that contribute to the long-term development and benefits of Beaufort, Sabah, he also works closely with members within and outside the government, assists district officer and pays close attention to public sentiments related to the well-being of society, including conducting research, preparing documents of various sorts, as well as resolving district issues.

He is Jupry Etok. Not only is he an accountable administrator during office hours, he is also an enthusiastic cyclist when he is off from work. On some days, Mr. Jupry can be easily spot in his full set of cycling gears commuting to his workplace!

“That’s Mr. Jupry! He is always on his neon green Dragonback mountain bike.”



Upon stumbling into Mr. Jupry’s office, both the bicycle and helmet in striking green were nicely parked, indeed, the people are right. We were certain that green is his most preferred color.

“Yes. I commute to work in my cycling jersey. However, work uniform will be changed when i arrive at my workplace.” Mr. Jupry welcomed our arrival, in the meantime shed light on our confusion. Without a doubt, there is so much to learn from this personality.

Initiative means action. Mr. Jupry gets himself geared up and pedals on his bicycle. Look at the direction, shift into gear, release the brake and off he goes. He has the power to do that, and that is all he ever needs to take.

1. Why did you first decide to pick up cycling?
I started cycling in 2014. The main reason for my decision was because of my back pain. Back in 2012, I consulted a physiotherapist due to my backache problem. I used to be an active badminton player, and having played badminton has caused constant soreness on my back. Hence, I had to switch to another sport with lesser impact. Then, I was advised by a doctor to attempt cycling. I got to know a junior cycling coach and got my first bike from Merida.

After six month of cycling, I joined a cycling team, where points will be accumulated according to our cycling elevations and prizes will be given every year end to cyclists who earn the highest points.

As time goes by, I have found an excitement in cycling and addicted to cycling ever since.

2. How do you manage your time between cycling and working?
My working hours are 8am to 5pm every day. On a regular basis, I will commute to work. After I finish my work, I will start my leisure ride at 5.30pm. On weekends, I will go for longer distance. My cycling journey also included cycling from Beaufort all the way to Kota Kinabalu, in a total time of three hours.

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