5 Things You Need To Know About JMFR


Take a look at the cycling community in Malaysia today, it is clear that cycling is popular and proliferating in popularity throughout the years. While the disciples of cycling are expanding, the number of cycling competitions are increasing rapidly over many places; which the sport, in turn, has seen itself more a knockout.

Besides races, we have also seen the hype of fellowship rides. The hype is not just on the rise in Malaysia, it has become a new way of get-together. A fellowship ride has made a name for itself as a weekend list.

In the past years, Janamanjung Fellowship Ride (JMFR) has undoubtedly seen cycling enthusiasts rolling into the cycling community closer than ever. Here are 5 things you need to know about this growing event.

JMFR reached 1,300 participants in 2015 edition.
  1. JMFR is one of Malaysia biggest fellowship rides.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) organized its debut edition in 2008, the event was then listed as an annual program in the Perak state tourism calendar since 2015. The participation in the past four years was mind-boggling as the number of participants continued to surpass every year. For instance, it reached 1,300 participants in 2015 edition.

2. JMFR is a non-competitive event.

It also serves as a platform for participants to gather and create bonding time with each other. Apart from ensuring fitness, mind, and health, JMFR involving participants from around the world also foster the spirit of sportsmanship and unity and strengthen the relationship between participants.

3. JMFR has bloomed from 100 entries in its first edition to 1,347 entries in 2017.

JMFR started in 2008 and at the start, the entries received were only 100 participants. But the number is skyrocketing year after year and the received participation is now large-scale to over 1,000 participants. This proves that JMFR is increasingly recognized not only in Malaysia, but also from foreign participants as one of the most popular events for cycling enthusiasts.

4. JMFR aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness.

Organizing the event is part of the promotion of recreational activities to adopt a healthy lifestyle and closer ties among the community, as well as doing charitable work through the Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, JMFR is in line with TNB’s objective of producing a healthy and vibrant workforce to help companies provide quality services to the community.

5.  JMFR helps to boost tourism and economy in Perak.

The JMFR route leads participants to different areas with scenic views that represent social and cultural identities. This will encourage more visitors to visit the places that are less known, at the same time allow Manjung District to profit from the burgeoning numbers of visitors. An estimated revenue generated from the event is based on the spending of participants on accommodation and food to which it will form a positive impact on the local economy.

Did you know?

The 11th edition of JMFR is remarkably unique with the participation of 14 Paralympic athletes, 10 cyclists with disabilities (OKU) of visual impairment, as well as four National Hockey Players who are also employees from TNB.


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