Cycling Shimanami 2018 – Part 1


Cycling Shimanami 2018, Touring Hiroshima and Ehime like never before, on a bike! – Part 1

One of Japan’s biggest cycling events is back this year, again with 7 routes to choose or start.
Let us share a little history on this cycling event:

It Is Not Competitive

The event is known as a cycling event, not a race. The event is meant for people to cycle and enjoy the beautiful view of the islands that you will be passing through. The view from the highways and suspended bridges are undoubtedly breathtaking and majestic.


Photo Credits: Hiroshima Cycling

It a family-friendly event

The event is open to public and families with children with be a common sight at the event. The route is safe for children to ride and at some places; even the highway is closed to traffic to accommodate the event. So, why not bring your friends and family together for a wholesome fun!


The Map Route

There are several routes to choose

This event has about 7 routes to choose from, starting from 40km to 140km route, which starts from Hiroshima Prefecture’s Onomichi to Imabari, one way or a round trip. So if you want a more competitive ride, try the round trip up and down there which can reach 140km!


Riding Together              Credits: Hiroshima Cycling

It is known to be a Ride of Celebration

The event is a symbol to Japanese to celebrate when the event arrives. Expecting about 7,000 riders, the event will have a lot of people not only from Japan, but also from around the world, attending and enjoying themselves at the event while biking. You will also get to see Japan like never before and understand more why bikes are a powerful mode of transport in Japan.

We will come out with Part 2 next week to share more on the places to visit at Hiroshima Prefecture area, where it is fun without your bike as well.

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