The Next Best Thing: Natura Shot


You might have come across Natura Shot in some sports events in Malaysia. This 60ml small purple bottle is not difficult to notice in the company of the people who man its sales booth that is always full of smiles.

An initial check led us to discover that Natura Shot’s social media platform has been receiving many positive and satisfied feedbacks from its growing number of consumers. And on the ground, there seem to be a lot of genuine excitement around the product that can be visibly seen at sports events.

Curious, we decided to investigate Natura Shot further to find out the reasons behind its rising popularity and why is it fast becoming the preferred choice for sports energy supplement among a growing number of sports enthusiasts.

Here are the 7 facts about Natura Shot that we discovered :

1. Natura Shot is a natural based energy drink
Its main ingredients are extracts of natural plants and herbs.

2. One of its main ingredients is Beetroot.
Beetroot increases red blood cells which in turn supply a rich dose of oxygen to the skeletal muscles to keep them in top condition and overcome fatigue.

3. The high dose of Vitamin B-Complex in Natura Shot.
It metabolizes the body’s stored carbohydrates and glucose efficiently to enhance energy output.

4. Natura Shot is sugar-free.
This makes the Shot a very healthy drink for everyone, especially diabetics and those who need to control their sugar intake.

5. Natura Shot is free of synthetic caffeine.
It prevents the heart from palpitations and feelings of anxiety.

6. These are 2 specifically selected amino acids in this drink.
They work to help the body increase its production of the Dopamine hormone that enhances mental focus. Mental strength is much needed, especially in competitive sports activities.

7. Natura Shot is perfectly safe to consume.
It is certified by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health, base on the FAQ.
Close to 20,000 bottles have been sold over the past 10 months in Malaysia alone.

Now, you have learned the benefits and wonders that Natura Shot does to your body.

The Natura Shot, despite coming with a 60ml small bottle, gives an energy boost to improve physical and cognitive performance. For those of you who are getting ready for your next ride, this is your next best thing!

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For more information on Natura Shot and Natura products, please visit their link below:
Website –
or @teamnaturamy

*Editor’s Note: This is an advertorial feature for Natura Shot.


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