Duathlon Race Day Checklist


Less than five days till the Sepang Duathlon 2018! If you haven’t had a clue about what to bring for your race, this is a guideline for what you might need on your race day. Of course, there are items you will need are based on your personal preferences. 

However, the key thing to remember is to arrive at the start line calm, confident, enjoy the process, and most of all, focus on just one thing – racing your best. If this is your first duathlon, do not get stressed out, you may not get everything exactly right for the first time.

This is it. Are you ready? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are all geared up!

Hearty Breakfast

We are sure you have your bicycles, cycling shoes, helmets, gloves, outfits, running shoes, and sports watches ready a night before. Next, remember to set your backup alarm or a wake-up call. You would not want to miss your big day, right? What you need is an adequate time to have a hearty breakfast before your race, therefore getting up preferably three to four hours before your start time to eat a digestible and fulfilling breakfast is extremely vital, in order to boost your energy levels.

Eye Wear

Sunglasses are not all about fashion and style. Different materials and tints in sunglasses may enhance athletic performance in specific lighting conditions, such as harsh sunlight on cycling or running day. Sepang Duathlon will be held in the day, hence a decent pair of sports sunglasses, especially with UV protection, is crucial to protect your eyes from the sun and enhance your visual experience.


When you are pedaling, running hard, and holding on a momentum during the race, you will never want a sudden dizziness, fatigue or stroke to affect your performance. This terrible feeling when there is nothing left in the tank, your legs turn to jelly and trying to get back on track seems to be the hardest thing to do.

The symptoms of bonking indicate your insufficient carbohydrates and glycogen in your body, leaving you with abnormally low blood glucose levels. Don’t you get panicky, the first thing you must do is to consume some simple carbs that your body can quickly absorb in order to raise your blood glucose levels again.

Energy bars, drinks, or gels are some of the basic ones you are recommended to bring along. Besides that, if you haven’t bought those, you can also bring bananas, snacks, sugar cubes or sweets as alternatives. Note: if you foresee feelings such as light-headedness, heart palpitations, ingest your carbs to regain your energy and maintain your performance.

Cap / Hat / Visor

It is also acutely important to wear a running cap or visor while running, in order to keep you cool all the time. Running caps draw perspiration away from your head helping to further cool you down and provide a level of breathability for your head.

When it comes to running, your running cap helps to shield your head and scalp from the scorching sun, keeping your eyes protected and clear in the rain, providing you with a visor from dust and wind.

Fuel / Race Belt

You can mount water bottle cages to your bike frame. Similarly, you can also have a fuel or race belt to carry your drinks and gels while running. A race belt carries all your running necessities such as fluids, nutrition, and a smartphone. Having a breathable, lightweight race belt allows you to carry up to 21 ounces of fluid without hassle, and well-designed holsters keep bottles secure while allowing you to retrieve and return bottles without fumbling.

Secondarily, you can attach your race number to your race belt. A race belt is just nice to have because you don’t need to worry about running or riding with your number on throughout the entire race.

Sunscreen Protection

Duathlon events, particularly in Malaysia, usually get participants to be exposed to the sun. So, it is important to be mindful of how you protect your skin, and you definitely need some precautions to prevent sunburn.

Whether or not you’re a male or female, do not overestimate the power of a sun protection factor (SPF) level. A sunscreen lotion defends against prolonged skin damage from UV light and environmental assault. Some products also help to restore moisture loss triggered by extended sunlight exposure. We would recommend an SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen.

Be Mentally Prepared

You have trained so hard for the past few months, and are physically ready for the race. While there is no doubt that physical training is the key, your emotional and mental practices and preparations you develop in your training become the positive psychological force that power your race day.

Taking 10-15 minutes each day to focus on visualizing your race day execution can garner vast benefits. For instances, you can think through the entire race day, from the time you get up until you cross the finish line. Then, imagine yourself eating, putting on your gears, making your way to transition, getting ready to start, and executing your run, bike, and run. On the race day, you should remind yourself to focus on your meaningful goals, understand the purpose of the participation, and most of all, avoid distractions and negative thoughts.

Post-race Change of Clothes and Shoes

You are going to be exhausted after your race, and no matter what the temperature your body is going to have more trouble than usual regulating your temperature. A light windbreaker, clean shirt, pants or shorts, flip-flops or sandals to change after the race can make you much more comfortable. If you have blisters, be careful about removing your race shoes and putting on your dry shoes.


We hope this could help you with your duathlon race day checklist. Enjoy packing!

Good luck and have fun!

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