Know Your Options Before You Own One: Frame


Look 795 Aerolight – RM25,599.00

Thanks to 10 years of research and development, Look Cycle claims this bicycle frame to be one of the most aerodynamic ever made. Its full carbon construction makes it extremely light, weighing only 149 grams. And to achieve truly improved aerodynamics, all tube sections (and many other parts) have adapted the shape called, Naca Aerofoil. It aims to reduce turbulence behind tubes and maintain high speeds.

Available at @ Khcycle Malaysia, +603-7865 2188

Eddy Merckx Mourenx 69 – RM8,300.00

The Mourenx 69 is an endurance bike built for distance and long, solo rides. The thick-gauge tube and robust appearance certainly makes the Mourenx stand out. It has a sloping top tube, a tall head tube and long chainstays, all contributing to added comfort. With the right combination of groupset and wheelset, this bike would be able to brave down steep, treacherous and winding descents at fast speeds.ated.

Available at @ KSH Bicycle TTDI, + 603-7727 5173

Yeti SB6c – RM14,502.00

The tough and lightweight (2.67kg) Yeti SB6c bike frame utilises the patented Switch Infinity technology – a unique suspension design aimed at achieving insane levels of traction for efficient climbing and rapid descents. It sits low on the frame and nearly out of sight, giving the bike a clean appearance. Both the front and rear triangles are made from carbon fiber and sport some pretty curvy shaping.

Available at @ Ngee Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, + 603-6151 2119

Ghost Lector 10 ULC – RM9,500.00

The angular forms and smooth transitions on the Lector don’t just give it a distinctive character, but also contribute to torsional stiffness and improved stress distribution. All lines are inserted into cable ports at the head frame and reemerge appropriately, offering a more organized presentation and better protection against external influences. Geometry refinements, like shorter head tubes and chainstays, have been made with one thing in mind – more agility and better handling.

Available at @ SA Sport, + 603-3358 6650

Intense Tracer T275 – RM7,600.00

The carbon monocoque on the Tracer T275 construction combines a solid one-piece front triangle, while the new geometry features a slacker head angle, lower bottom bracket and shorter chainstays. Its train geometry and lightweight factor give the Trace bike an impressive downhill and climbing capability. Available in 2 different colours, its new internally guided cable routing system allows for flawless assembly and easier maintenance.

Available at @ KSH Bicycle TTDI, + 603-7727 5173

Pivot Les 27.5 – RM6,600.00

At a commendable weight of just 1.035kg, the Les 27.5 comes available in 4 different sizes. Featuring a unique hollow box design with high compression internal mandrel technology, it allows for a greater compaction and smoother internal walls, resulting in a lighter, stronger and highly optimized construction. This technology allows for the frame to be lightweight and possesses an extremely well-balanced feel. A fully internalised shift cable installation also protects cables from contamination.

Available at @ KSH Bicycle TTDI, + 603-7727 5173

Dare VSR – RM10,256.00

Made with high-modulus carbon fibre, the VSR truly impresses with its sleek and unique monocoque frame. It is lightweight and stiff, promising comfort to cyclists that use this aerobike. Offering more user satisfaction and better aerodynamics is the absence of the traditional rear-brake bridge. Incorporating an asymmetrical design to its frame, the VSR is able to ensure that all pedalling power to the rear wheel translates into bigger and more rapid acceleration forces.

Available at @ Pegasus Cycle, +603-6211 5188

Cipollini Bond – RM14,043.00

The first “not integrated monocoque” made by Cipollini has a revolutionary patented system consisting of a front monocoque triangle with a rear axle fitting called, AtomlinkTM. It allows for better reactivity and power transfer to the ground. Comfortable despite being aggressive and rigid, it is precise and elastic when descending. This exquisite work of art isn’t just easy on the eyes, but it’s also robust and has great resistance to stress.

Available at @ Ngee Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, + 603-6151 2119

Argon 18 Nitrogen – RM11,000.00

Thanks to its aggressive and cutting-edge aerodynamics, the Nitrogen has all the benefits of Optimal Balance – it offers a fast, light and comfortable ride. Claimed to weigh an impressive 960 grams, this aero bike is designed for riding at breakneck speeds. The exclusive 3D System features a mechanical solution that cleverly adjusts the handlebar height without sacrificing stiffness. A perfect combination of performance and versatility, the Nitrogen frame also boasts many other features that truly add to its stellar build.

Available at @ SA Sport, + 603-3358 6650

Van Nicholas Tuareg – RM6,702.00

The first thing that one notices about the Tuareg bike frame is its exquisite craftsmanship. It won’t be difficult to concur that the frame is made of Titanium, thanks to its featherlight weight (1.85kg) and polished finish. If not, it’s already obviously written in capitals along the top tube. Also, the seat stays uniquely designed with the company logo aren’t just a work of art, but also add a little more compliance besides good lateral stiffness and mud clearance.

Available at @ Ngee Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, + 603-6151 2119


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