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Isadore Apparel is a company founded and designed by Pro rider, Martin Velits and his team. They produce the finest cycling apparel, with inside knowledge from the Pro peloton, for discerning riders who value cycling as a lifestyle.

By using high-grade performance Merino, our cycling apparel is odor resistant with excellent perspiration wicking and thermoregulation, so your active cycling lifestyle becomes comfortable and well-fitted whether you are a Racer or a Rouleur.

but what exaCTLY IS MERINO?

Merino is one of the world’s oldest and toughest breeds of sheep. The Merino sheep live in tough conditions in the southern alps of New Zealand. Here the Merino sheep have adapted to conditions ranging from 43 to 45 Degree Celsius in Summer to -20 Degree Celsius in Winter.

Such extreme temperature demands an adaptable, breathable, protective wool coat. The wool from the Merino sheep is used to manufacture yarn for Merino performance products.

Merino state is a perfect blend of nature and science. It is designed to meet the environmental, functional, and ethical demands of today’s apparel market.

  • Outstanding handling and drape
  • Total Comfort
  • Breathable properties
  • Keeps you dry and odor free
  • Flame resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent colorfastness
  • Sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable
  • Ethically grown locally
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